Dear George,

I want to commend you, the WestView staff, and all the contributors for a stellar issue. Wow! A scant two weeks after New York City was put on Pause, you provided excellent coverage on hospital status, village resources that are still open, personal responses to the crisis, practical advice, and so much more. Especially promising is the hope that Beth Israel will rise from the dead and keep its 600-bed facility open. Let’s hope! And I’m glad you still have space for other news like Vincent Livelli’s 100th birthday, art reviews, and regular entertaining and informative columns such as Brian Pape’s architecture stories, Keith Michael’s bird report, Dusty Berke’s “Style on the Street,” and Isa Covo’s “A View from the Kitchen.” Life must go on, and these insights into life in the Village keep us all connected, even when we are sheltering indoors to protect each other. Keep up the good work!

—Karen Rempel

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