Star Tripping with Frank Sinatra

-By Penelope Karageorge It was Frank Sinatra’s 50th birthday, and if I could not help him blow out the candles,  perhaps I could meet him. […]

The Boy from Brooklyn

-By Joseph Barbella I was in high school when I finally got the courage to get on the train. I knew if my mom found […]

A University Reunion

-By Gordon Hughes Somehow, I was convinced by my old fraternity brothers that heading up a reunion committee for the founding brothers of the Zeta […]

Dear WestView Family

Dear WestView family:   As we give thanks for family and neighbors this holiday season, I would like to give special thanks for our neighbor, […]

WestView Contributors Speak Out

Dear George I was most distressed to hear about the turn of events at The Westview News. For the newspaper to appear with virtually the […]

Westview Readers Speak Up

Last months issue of Westview was late and rushed and we published a positive article about a republican candidate by one of our best writers. […]

The Story of Four Plagues

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” -Mark Twain -By Alec Pruchniki, MD When Covid-19 hit New York City in early 2020, I wanted […]

The Right Pick

-By Gabriela Beavers and Teddy Capsis We are back for this month’s edition of The Right Pick, and lucky for our readers, we are going […]

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