Dear WestView Family

Dear WestView family:   As we give thanks for family and neighbors this holiday season, I would like to give special thanks for our neighbor, […]

WestView Contributors Speak Out

Dear George I was most distressed to hear about the turn of events at The Westview News. For the newspaper to appear with virtually the […]

Westview Readers Speak Up

Last months issue of Westview was late and rushed and we published a positive article about a republican candidate by one of our best writers. […]

Talk To Me

-By Tom Lamia The Medium Is The Message I was reminded of the practical effect of the changing seasons yesterday when I visited the very […]

Let’s Get Real About Aging

By Gail Evans On December 3rd I met with 85-year-old George Held in his West Village apartment to interview him about aging. He taught in […]

Privilege in the Village

By Emily Roemer What is privilege as it pertains to a village, you may ask? Let me explain. By definition, “vil·lage priv·i·lege” is a special […]

The Dignity of Work

By Siggy Raible I am retired now and have been for almost eight years. But when I worked I found what I did to “earn […]