-By Richard Wegal Sometimes our cities get the unwarranted reputation as being cold, dangerous and unfriendly places to live. Many of our European friends often […]

Spark Birds

–By Keith Michael   Little did I know I was about to stumble down a rabbit hole that would up-end my life. It was the […]

Google Buys St. John’s Terminal

St. John’s Terminal has gone through many iterations over the years. When WVN first started writing about possibilities, several architects had already offered ideas. We […]

Karen’s Quirky Style

By Karen Rempel | Fashion Editor My fashion sense was influenced by the ’80s glam metal scene, which was fomented by the punk rock scene […]

90 Morton Street Renaissance

By Brian J Pape, AIA, LEED-AP Development in NYC takes a long time, and it may also have to weather Great Recessions. Such is the […]

Then&Now: Lower Fifth Avenue

By Brian J. Pape, AIA, LEED-AP THEN: Once the most fashionable high-end residential neighborhood in the rapidly expanding metropolis, lower Fifth Avenue was home to […]