I was glad to read that Arthur Schwartz, (my co-District Leader in the 66-A Assembly District) decided not to run for the New York State Assembly. I know that Arthur has a full and complex family life, and a demanding law practice, and I think he realized that his priorities belong there.

However, I am baffled and saddened that Schwartz used his withdrawal (in WestView) to attack Assemblywoman Deborah Glick. I have known both Arthur and Deborah for twenty years. Deborah has consistently worked intensely and wisely for the many needs of my district. I have witnessed three areas directly:

1. Glick was the first to spot 75 Morton Street as a potential site for a new school, and has worked steadfastly over seven years with thousands of other local parents and educators, to make it happen—overcoming obstruction in New York State government. The school will open, finally, in September 2017.

2. On women’s health, Glick worked for a decade to improve New York State’s policies and practices for mammograms, family planning, and much else. That benefits every woman in our state.

3. Glick was a lead plaintiff against NYU taking over the parks. In that she did what the community needs, not what NYU desires, thereby angering many of the rich and powerful. Her priorities are clear: us!

Why is Arthur oblivious to this? I believe we all have blind spots, seeing the flaws in others instead of our own defects (motes and beams?). I write this letter to make sure no one believes Arthur’s distorted perspective.

—Keen Berger,
Democratic District Leader, 66A

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