Reboot 2.0

By Keith Michael It’s the afternoon of the longest day of the year: Saturday, June 20th, the summer solstice.  With me safely typing at my […]


By Keith Michael A snowball whizzes across the street. That’s about the time one has to snap an identification onto a bird flying high above […]

Viruses and Cancer

By Mark M. Green (Abstracted from “A Scientist’s View of Almost Everything,” by Mark M. Green, 2019) Cancer patients in the 1800s were observed, too […]


By Keith Michael My phone vibrates on my desk. I hit “Send” on a work email before checking the message: Text? Gmail? Facebook messenger? Instagram […]

Talking Dirt in The Village

By Aaron William Perry, with Joanie Klar Our village—The Village—is the most fertile ground of American culture: magnificent, gritty, thoughtful, proud.  Long before vogue terms […]

Bringin’ It Home

By Keith Michael Millie is lying a few feet away while I’m editing photos—still catching up on my summer “takes.” Because I haven’t clicked on […]

In the Catbird Seat

By Keith Michael Meew. Meew. Meew. Presumably, that’s how the Gray Catbird got its name. At some point in ornithological history when the omnipotent Bird […]

For Every Season

By Keith Michael …tern, tern, tern. It’s hot out here. A moment ago, when I offered Millie a treat to join me for this walk […]

Space Shot

SPACE SHOT: One of The World Science Festival’s events at Skirball Center was The Right Stuff: What it Takes to Boldly Go, featuring appearances by […]

Duck Tales

By Keith Michael Disclaimer: No ducks have been harmed in the writing of this article. However, be forewarned that all my duck tales are not […]

Let the Sun Shine

By Keith Michael Overheard on the street: “Who decides when is the first day of spring? Do a bunch of people sit around a table […]