Bereavement Group Formation For People Who Have Lost Loved Ones To Vehicular Accidents

By Hannah Reimann 

Lori died on October 4th, 2023 from devastating brain trauma resulting after a large SUV turned left from West 10th Street and crashed into her on October 3, 2023 while she was in the middle of the crosswalk on Greenwich Avenue. The  violent car crash took place in front of her home on Greenwich Avenue shocking and stunning her loved ones with this incredible loss. Her wife, Robin Felsher, and Robin’s community would like to form a support group for Village residents and friends who have lost loved ones in car and other vehicular accidents. They are seeking a qualified professional volunteer leader for this group and are hoping to plan a rotating location for routine weekly meetings for 10-12 weeks minimum.

Please contact Robin’s friend, Hannah Reimann, who will pass information onto the group as needed. If there are enough participants and a qualified volunteer leader, the meetings will commence as soon as possible.

Lori Kleinman. Photo provided by Robin Felsher

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