By Kelly Gallagher

What I love about Robert F Kennedy Jr. and why I think he would make a great President is that when he is presented with new information about ANYTHING he may challenge it but he takes it in, absorbs it, researches it, utilizes it and shares what he learns with the world. He is a leader with a great mind. We need that right now.

When I first met Bobby Kennedy in 2005, he was working on environmental mercury. He had written a book in 2004 entitled, Crimes Against Nature; Addressing how George W. Bush and his Corporate Pals were Plundering the Country and Hijacking our Democracy. It was brilliant. As I read his work I underlined the entire book with a yellow magic marker and placed sticky notes everywhere. Everything he said was important. I wanted to interview him. I needed to meet this man. At the time I was an activist and filmmaker traveling the globe from the UN to California Dental Board Hearings working on a film about banning mercury in dentistry. As I listened to him I realized Bobby had no idea that he had more mercury off-gassing from his teeth than any coal fired plant blowing smoke over his head. No one did. That’s why we were making a movie about it. Oh my. Was I going to have to be the one to tell him? Yikes. My best friend was on her deathbed and I was on deadline for an article in Yoga Journal so when I called him back to ask him when he was going to get the mercury filled amalgams which are 48 to 54% mercury out of his mouth so I could complete my story with a heroic ending, he said he wasn’t. I lost it. I forgot he was a Kennedy and let him have it. I horrified myself as I could hear my military parents that are now buried in Arlington Cemetery yelling at me from the grave.

Concurrently, the Autism Moms were coming after him about the mercury and aluminum in the Vaccines. The childhood vaccines had adjuvants called thimerasol. Babies were receiving multiple vaccines which meant they were receiving multiple doses of heavy metals. Heavy metals are toxic and many scientists were stating that at the Government Reform Hearings in Washington DC. Bobby met with the scientists and researchers and then wrote the brilliant article for Rolling Stone that they then retracted. Those advertising dollars trumped the health and safety of children. The collateral damage was swept under the carpet to protect the pharmaceutical companies one more time.. Shocking.

So, he was and is not an anti-vaxxer, he was not a conspiracy theorist, he was and is leader, an environmental attorney that was committed to protecting our environment, both inside our bodies and in nature. It is not surprising that the polluters and pharmaceutical criminals want to silence his voice.

From Riverkeepers to Waterkeepers to the World Mercury Project to The Children’s Health Defense, this man has done more for humanity and the environment than probably anyone on the planet. Where there is a cause worth supporting, he has supported. He is the Hero of the Hudson.

Bobby Kennedy also ended up researching dental mercury. He got his mercury fillings out. They are not silver and they are not inert.

Please read on and follow the work of The Children’s Health Defense. The future of our Children depends on it.

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