-By Darlene Margeta

Every street in New York City has a vibe. What is the enchantment when you cross W. 10th St. with Bleecker Street?

There is a feeling of the old historic Greenwich Village and the vibrant new bohemian energy. The people and their dogs make this a neighborhood and of course we have the best mailman. Adam Bowen has worked the streets delivering mail for 13 years now. He knows all the tenants and he knows their favorite sports teams as well. And Adam is the man of blue Dash blue post office, uniform, a true blue, Giants fan, and oh yes, the Yankees. 

Without missing a beat or handing you a bill he will give you a thorough sports report to rival any of those reporters on TV. He must have walked 1,000,000 miles on the streets so Adam is an athlete in his own right.

As a mailman, Adam has seen weird and wonderful things on his route that he can tell you about. He might mention what he will be cooking for Sunday dinner for his family and included. Is there cat flash.

So next time you see Adam give him a wave or say hi thanks Adam Bowen for being such an important part of West 10 Street and Bleecker. Wow it worked well I’m learning all this new stuff. I’m learning all this new stuff

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