Maggie B’s Quick Clicks

IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD  Be prepared to expect the unexpected. All photos by Maggie Berkvist. From still lifes   To street scenes—  be they mysterious… enterprising…  […]

The Great Hack (2019)

Film Review by Roger Paradiso –Facebook ads used by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 totaled 66,000. –Facebook ads used by the Donald Trump campaign […]

Karen’s Quirky Style

By Karen Rempel | Fashion Editor With apple-picking season flying by and Thanksgiving fast approaching, I brought out my cowboy boots for this month’s adventure […]


By Keith Michael My phone vibrates on my desk. I hit “Send” on a work email before checking the message: Text? Gmail? Facebook messenger? Instagram […]

Talking Dirt in The Village

By Aaron William Perry, with Joanie Klar Our village—The Village—is the most fertile ground of American culture: magnificent, gritty, thoughtful, proud.  Long before vogue terms […]