Upside Down

By Keith Michael I sent this article in on Sunday, March 22nd, so who knows how the world has changed by now when you are […]

He Said, She Said

By Keith Michael Since March seems to be the new May this year with a want of even mildly wintry weather, an unzipped windbreaker is […]


By Keith Michael A snowball whizzes across the street. That’s about the time one has to snap an identification onto a bird flying high above […]


By Keith Michael My phone vibrates on my desk. I hit “Send” on a work email before checking the message: Text? Gmail? Facebook messenger? Instagram […]

Bringin’ It Home

By Keith Michael Millie is lying a few feet away while I’m editing photos—still catching up on my summer “takes.” Because I haven’t clicked on […]

In the Catbird Seat

By Keith Michael Meew. Meew. Meew. Presumably, that’s how the Gray Catbird got its name. At some point in ornithological history when the omnipotent Bird […]

For Every Season

By Keith Michael …tern, tern, tern. It’s hot out here. A moment ago, when I offered Millie a treat to join me for this walk […]

Duck Tales

By Keith Michael Disclaimer: No ducks have been harmed in the writing of this article. However, be forewarned that all my duck tales are not […]

Let the Sun Shine

By Keith Michael Overheard on the street: “Who decides when is the first day of spring? Do a bunch of people sit around a table […]

Drink Your Tea

By Keith Michael Millie’s bounding “corgi kibble dance” inspired by a small handful of kibble tossed onto the floor is just the distraction needed for […]

Two by Two

By Keith Michael Honking and braying, a Canada Goose family flies across the promenade in front of us onto the lawn. Millie seems nonplussed as […]

Cutting Edge

By Keith Michael We’re bumping up and down on that end-of-spring seesaw when weather forecasts careen between a balmy 60 degrees with blue sky one […]

Wintry Mix

By Keith Michael “Baby, it’s cold outside.” I’ve used that as a title before, but it’s apropos this morning. I’m holding the front door open […]

Bird of the Year 2018

By Keith Michael As the National Audubon Society wraps up this Year of the Bird 2018—bringing international attention to the plight of countless bird species […]

First Class

By Keith Michael I feed my first of the month stamped envelopes of bills into the big blue mouth of the mail box on the […]