The New York Times Best Seller – Now is one of our True Christmas Classics .

By Brittney Ryan

The image that keeps coming to mind for me is that of a young child, struck with wonder, mouth slightly agape as the magic of Laurel’s illustrations pulls them instantly into a world that we immediately recognize as the “forever” place from which all life’s magic originates. I feel like that child when I look at her illustrations—somehow lost, yet completely found in the very same instant. Incredibly, the impact of the visuals is similar to the way the book resonates when I read—they enrich each other, casting a spell that transports one into the very center of Holly’s world and The Kingdom of Forever. I wish I could capture it more fully, as from my first moments with The Legend of Holly Claus, I am dumbstruck. —Kimberly Eyquem, Reviewer

Brittney Ryan

When envisioning my novel, The Legend of Holly Claus, I wanted to write a timeless Christmas classic that would endure throughout the ages, to be read and shared every year, from generation to generation. Holly Claus is a princess who truly embodies the spirit of Christmas: she saves herself through saving others. It is Holly’s great empathy and compassion that make her strong; she shows that one can be in possession of an innocent, pure heart and have all the more bravery, fortitude, and strength for it. As I wrote her story, I hoped she would inspire children and families to dream and to believe in the true magic of Christmas. As Frances, a ninety-year-old reader wrote, “Some of my clearest childhood memories are the hours I spent…having tea with the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter and Alice, solving the exciting clues encountered by Nancy Drew, and skipping down the Yellow Brick Road to find the Wizard with the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. Holly Claus will be ingrained into childhood memories like trips to foreign lands where real friends are encountered and remembered always.” This is my greatest dream for Holly: that she become a beloved Christmas legend who inspires children (of all ages) and lives on in their memories

Even from conception, I knew the story would need an artist who could bring the joy of Christmas to life on the pages. I recalled the words of author and clergyman Norman Vincent Peale, who said, “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” This was the sense I wanted to convey, and it would require illustrations both delicate and exquisite. I wanted the story and illustrations together to illuminate children’s imaginations with the magic of long-ago Christmases: the festive wonder, the resplendent decorations, and the treasured memories of generations past, brought to vibrant life.

As I was dreaming of the perfect creative partner for my world of Holly Claus, I ventured into all kinds of bookstores and pored over children’s stories. I loved Thomas Nast’s iconic Christmas illustrations from the 1870’s. When I came across Laurel Long’s illustrations, I immediately saw that they held the same classic quality. She and I connected, and we quickly sparked a shared vision for the story. Her art perfectly captured the intimate emotion and imaginative scope of the tale. Seeing Holly Claus, her friends, and her wondrous world of Christmas come to life by her hand, I knew that Laurel was the perfect partner I had been searching for. At Christmas time, a blanket of magic covers the Earth. Laurel’s illustrations are nothing less than a blanket that enfolds the novel in an extra layer of magic. I am delighted and blessed to be working with her to continue creating Holly Claus tales for years to come.

Laurel Long and Brittney Ryan

Step into the enchanting world of the upcoming collector’s edition and audio book of The New York Times Best Seller –The Legend of Holly Claus, presented and narrated by The Royal Storyteller, where magic and wonder come to life on every page. This highly anticipated, literary masterpiece is not just a story, but an immersive experience that will captivate the heart and soul. This truly extraordinary release will be a luxury, high-end, collectable edition packaged with an audiobook featuring The Royal Storyteller as she magically takes readers through the story chapter by chapter. This brand-new collector’s edition will be a meticulously crafted work of art, destined to become a treasured keepsake for future generations and a symbol of cherished memories waiting to be made. Christmas 2024

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      LOVE this magical story ..great illustrations ….story line was fascinating, and kept me so intrigued with the creativeness and all the beautiful colors… Brittney is really a talented author, and I feel privileged to know her

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      The Holly Claus universe Ms. Ryan and her illustrator have created is supernal – the kind of place you visit, don’t want to leave and, when you must, long to return to. I can’t imagine why the whole idea is not extended to a movie, animated or otherwise, and instilled in the public consciousness zealously. With so many dire things clouding the atmosphere of modern existence, this can balance the scales and move us all in the right direction.

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      “The Legend of Holly Claus” is an enchanting Christmas story that truly feels like a classic to be rediscovered year after year. The beautiful art enhances and elevates the magic. It would make a wonderful movie!

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      Oh the story Holly Claus is truly magical! It is a beautiful story, and I love each of the characters. They are brought to life in this amazing fairytale. This is truly a classical piece, and brings much joy every Christmas. I look forward with anticipation when this is brought to life on the big screen.

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      Compassion is allied with strength and will. Psychology motivates the story. Holly overcomes a repressive guilt that freezes into hopeless inaction.
      She takes a great risk and her act of bravery is her redemption.

      ‘Holly Claus’ is a delightful and charming story…but also a story with deep psychological depth.

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      Brittney Ryan’s intention to create a timeless Christmas classic shines through, as readers of all ages find themselves captivated by the pure magic of Holly Claus. The collaboration with Laurel Long adds an extra layer of magic, with illustrations that delicately convey the festive wonder and resplendent beauty of Christmas. The upcoming collector’s edition and audio book promise to elevate this literary masterpiece to new heights, ensuring it becomes a cherished keepsake for generations to come. Christmas 2024 holds the promise of an immersive experience that goes beyond a mere story, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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      Brittney Ryan has an amazing gift for writing. Holly Claus captures the hearts of children and families around the world. Brittney is a talented storyteller-writer in her classic writing style. She inspires not just children but people of all ages to follow their hearts as Holly Claus awakens dreams and Holly’s story inspires us toto believe in themselves, just like Holly Claus.
      And Laurel’s colorful detailed illustrations of the characters and scenery are masterpieces of visual imagery that inspires and delights us all. Laurel Long’s illustration bring this magical timeless story to life.
      I feel that Brittney’s Christmas Classic Fairytale is a true legend and it will come to life in film and in theaters for everyone to enjoy in the near future. I do believe Brittney’s timeless Christmas legend will be a motion picture that will become one of our greatest Christmas Classic of all time. I’m looking forward to watching it on the big screen, every Christmas, for my family reads The Legend of Holly Claus every year. I can hardly wait for the new Collectors edition of The Legend of Holly Claus a true family keepsake it will be.
      Katie M.

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      I have a longstanding tradition of rereading Holly Claus by the light of the Christmas tree every December to kick off the holiday season. It’s one of those classics that just gorgeously evokes the holiday spirit. The illustrations are gorgeous—this would make a visually stunning movie.

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      I’m beyond excited about the collector’s edition of Holly Claus! The idea of an immersive experience, with The Royal Storyteller narrating chapter by chapter, feels like unwrapping a special Christmas gift. I’ve been hooked on the enchanting world of Holly Claus, and the prospect of a high-end edition is like having a piece of that magic in my hands.

      Dreaming big, but how awesome would it be to see this story on the big screen? The heartwarming tale of Princess Holly, coupled with those exquisite illustrations, is just begging for a cinematic adaptation. I can already picture the magical scenes coming to life, spreading the joy of Christmas to audiences everywhere. Here’s to hoping that Hollywood catches wind of this gem and brings Holly Claus to the silver screen! 🌟📚🍿

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      Brittney Ryan’s Holly Claus is a Christmas icon for the ages. More Holly please!!!

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