By Prakhar Bajpai

Meet my goddess of dance, the one in a million, iconic GURUMA VIJA VETRA. 

Age is just a number- and this has been proven by her. 

Vija lives in the West Village, New York. Dance for her is breathing and meditation. She is known for doing classical Indian dance forms. She also knows other various kinds of dance forms, and has danced in almost every city in the world from Delhi to New York, to Sidney, and London; and many more. Recently she gave her 2 hour dance performance in Riga, Latvia at the age of 100. She has also appeared on the American TV show Mister Rogers neighborhood…

Her native country is Latvia and wherever she goes she brings the taste of Latvia and India with her. In fact, she is a great daughter of India and Latvia and is the pride of New York, USA. She has a great love for her country Latvia in her heart. Her life has been of struggle and she has seen wars in her early childhood but like a true warrior she has come out as a winner who follows her passion for dance and became the greatest dancer. She is the one who made her dream become reality through self-education, discipline and courage.  She is the biggest source of inspiration for many around the world. She knows 8 different languages and she always conveys her message to youth: “ you should never grow up, always be like a child who wants to learn something new in life.” Her life is a great source of motivation and inspiration and will guide the world forever. She is the most humble person I have ever met in my life. 

It is truly said: “where there is a will, there is way “

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