Today We Talk To Brian who’s a barista at Caffee Aronne in the village!

“Caffe Aronne, nestled in the vibrant West Village neighborhood, is a charming coffeehouse that exudes a warm ambiance, offering

a delightful selection of artisanal brews, wines, and delectable pastries to satisfy every caffeine enthusiast’s cravings.

Interview by: Danielle Sevier

Produced by: Mike Persico

DS: I’m here at Caffe Aronne with Brian who is the barista I come here often, and he serves a mean cappuccino. So, Brian, how long have you been working here?

B: I’ve been working here for the past two years now.

DS: Nice, and in those two years, have you had any interesting things happen or any celebrity sightings at least?

B: Yeah, actually Will Ferrell came in here, a few months ago.

DS: Really? Will Ferrell came in here?

B: I think he came in with two friends and they were just kind over there in the corner, like, trying to stay away but I noticed them right away because I’m a big Will Ferrell fan. I was holding back the urge to spit out a line from one of his movies.

DS: No way, do you remember what he ordered to drink?

B: I have no idea. That was in the morning, so I think he had either a cortado or a macchiato or something.

DS: So, he didn’t order a wine? (Ha-ha)

B: No, it was in the morning. (Ha-ha)

DS: And what is the earliest that anyone’s ordered wine from you?

B: At around 9 in the morning.

DS: Wow really 9am.

B: Yea, I specifically remember it because I was like “hmm” in my head.

DS: And did you serve them?

B: I served them. I figured if you’re ordering a wine at this time in the morning, you must really need it.

DS: I certainly agree!

B: Exactly!

DS: And I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to speak to me. I get coffee here all the time and you are a vital part of my day.

B: Thank you so much I appreciate you as well.

DS: Thank you!

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