By Ray Wahab

Welcome to Kebab Express Halal Grill, family owned and operated by brothers Ramin & Freddy, proudly presenting a culinary journey through Mediterranean flavors. With two strategic locations, our brand has become synonymous with exceptional dining experiences. At Kebab Express Halal Grill, we curate a diverse menu that artfully combines traditional kebabs—featuring succulent lamb, savory chicken Kebab and our fresh falafels—with beloved American classics such as chicken wings, hamburgers, and perfectly seasoned fries. Our offerings also extend to include a delightful array of Afghan specialties, including shirazi tomato-cucumber salad and the sweet indulgence of baklava. A hallmark of our culinary ethos is our commitment to serving only the finest halal meat, ensuring both exceptional quality and adherence to dietary preferences. The star of our menu, the kebab plates, offer a delightful scalability. Choose from a single skewer of exquisitely grilled chicken breast, tandoori kebab or our famous grilled chicken or lamb gyro. For a more complete experience, savor the same succulent skewer atop seasoned basmati rice, accompanied by a fresh salad, priced at $10,49 .  The genesis of our unique fusion concept traces back to Owner Ramin Wahab’s extensive background, including his involvement in managing multiple Kennedy Fried Chicken establishments throughout New York City. This fusion philosophy allows us to seamlessly blend culinary influences, and bringing a halal option in NYC resulting in a menu that resonates with a diverse range of palates.

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