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Grassroot activists get ready to roll down the highway for RFK Jr’s: I STAND WITH BOBBY KENNEDY Kickoff Campaign

And I’m one of them. Why you ask?

Some movers, shakers and global thought leaders in the West Village are getting ready to mobilize for what they call the I STAND WITH BOBBY a grass roots campaign to educate people on the Presidential Campaign Platform of RFK Jr. The mainstream news isn’t acknowledging Kennedy’s play for the White House nor is the mainstream media covering the Kennedy campaign while spin doctors continually attempt to reduce the vaccinated Kennedy to an anti-vaxxer for daring to question the childhood vaccine schedule and the dangerously toxic contents of the vaccines that include adjuvants like mercury and aluminum. The science is actually never settled despite what the big pharmaceutical giants would like you to believe. One of the co-organizers of the campaign, and part of the magic behind Westview News, Dusty Berke, stated, “People we encounter want their democracy back. They don’t recognize their America.” Berke says she wants choice and dialogue. “We want a debate amongst potential candidates and we are being told there will not be one.” Some of us believe Biden is incapable. Well, if he is incapable of a debate should he really be running the country? “We don’t know what happened to our Democratic Party but it is not feeling like the Democratic party that I have been a part of for years. I am feeling like we are losing our freedoms and our democracy is at risk.”

Ready To Roll ! 

Grassroot activists get ready to roll down the highway for RFK Jr’s I STAND WITH BOBBY KENNEDY Kickoff Campaign

95-year-old George Capsis, Publisher and Editor of Westview News agrees and he lives by his community values starting this community paper 25 years ago at the age of 71. Those values right now are closest aligned with the values of Robert F Kennedy Jr. George printed Kennedy’s entire Presidential Announcement speech so that people could see for themselves what Kennedy spoke of for two hours without notes, a teleprompter, or editing. We felt it our duty to share what Kennedy said because no news networks other than CSPAN were representing what we knew happened there.

George admires Kennedy. He thinks Kennedy represents true old school American values.

“Bobby Kennedy with the Riverkeepers and Waterkeepers cleaned up the Hudson River for Pete’s sake! He’s a hero. ‘The Hero of the Hudson’, as we called him in my paper. Where are all the climate and green environmentalists now? Why am I getting so much grief from Democrats? You can’t dismiss Kennedy’s record as an environmental lawyer dedicated to protecting the environment and enforcing corporate responsibility

We like what RFK Jr. or “Bobby” as we like to call him, has to say. We have a bus that we just got fixed up. It’s a library bus. If we can gather support, we will take the show on the road.” Meanwhile, Capsis continues, “Bobby Kennedy is shining a light on personal responsibility and a life in perfect healthy harmony with the environment.” Their millennial assistant jumps in with, ““And in harmony with himself. I mean we all saw Bobby do push-ups… He’s in shape. He takes care of himself. He’s a great leader and representation of the America I want to live in. He gives us hope again.”

“Yes,” George goes on, “We’ve all been through a lot these past few years. We’ve never been so divided. Kennedy says he’s the President for Peace. We certainly haven’t seen that and that’s what we need. I want the people in my community to take a closer look at Kennedy than what they are experiencing on mainstream news. That is why I am covering his campaign. I have lived almost 96 years on this planet and I had no idea censorship was this real up until now.’

Kennedy has had a unique perspective growing up in one of the most powerful royal families of American politics while also enduring two of the most tragic deaths in American politics. He lost his Uncle, President John F Kennedy in 1963 and was witness to his father Robert F. Kennedy’s death in 1968. His father, the former US Attorney General was shot while campaigning for President. Now the Biden Administration doesn’t think this American Legacy deserves to have Secret Service protection nor does he want to debate him. The DNC is busy rearranging voting rules instead of giving the American people the transparency they deserve.

When I asked George Capsis why he is personally backing Kennedy he said, “The mainstream media keep ignoring him which only further exposes the censorship that is currently running rampant in the land of the free and the home of the brave. That’s not Democratic. There comes a point in life where you have to take a stand. For me, that time is now. “It’s time to take a stand. I stand with Bobby Kennedy.

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      RFK Jr and his supporters at WestView News are attempting to rewrite his anti-vax history. speaks for me:

      “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is no stranger to He is a prominent anti-vaccine advocate who has been on our radar for years, primarily as the founder of Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit that spreads anti-vaccine misinformation.

      We’ve written numerous stories about his claims and those made in posts appearing on his nonprofit’s website. In 2021, the Center for Countering Digital Hate named Kennedy and CHD one of the “Disinformation Dozen,” or top 12 spreaders of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines online.”

      As I’ve been adamant about with WestView News for months now, RFK Jr is, as ever, the “Nutcase from Nantucket.”

    • Author gravatar As an “anti establishment candidate” I had hoped that RFK would help some of us grassroots activists working on issues such as the wrongfully incarcerated, people in public housing facing eviction and 3rd party/ independent advocates. (I held the only 3rd party independent candidate forums in NYC in 2021)
      But RFK’s people are not interested in having a real discussion on helping people. It’s a month later and no one has hard back anything from any of RFK’s people or staff even though we went to see them in person.
      I dare RFK or his supporters to help us. I’m not interested in electing another aristocrat. He either talks with us or he does not get support. Good bye RFK.

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