Endangered Democracy – Who Changed The Rules? What Is The Law? …

“We didn’t bring the Bald Eagle back to the Hudson River Valley by holding a press conference.

We did it by cleaning up the pollution that threatened its survival and introducing new chicks to the wild.”


By Kelly Gallagher

Marketing, Advertising, Promotion and PR is all just a way to say persuasive writing or more succinctly…propaganda. Depending on whether you live in a “free” country or a communist country the information or the veil might be slightly different.

I was a Promo writer/producer for Network Television. I know this.

Americans need to open their eyes and realize winning is not more important than our freedom and democracy. Our Democratic politics have turned into winning at all costs. Lying, cheating and more lying and cheating have become the norm. Democrats hate Trump so much that they don’t care how they get rid of him. That mindset could backfire down the road when or if the tables turn and you have set cheating as the standard. We all know President Biden isn’t running the country. He tells us that every time he gets up at the podium and says, “I’m just taking orders or I might get in trouble if I talk.” Really? Who is the President of the United States taking orders from? That is what we should all be worried about. Who is controlling Biden? We know Biden isn’t running himself. We also know the DNC want to hold onto power so desperately that they will forgo a fair and free election.

I have been a Democrat for most of my life. I can’t sit still knowing that the DNC won’t even acknowledge the fact that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., longtime political royalty is running for President. They have spent their time figuring out ways to keep candidates off the ballot, off the TV set and now they are spending their time re-writing the history of elections.

Does anyone besides me smell Communism headed our way?

When did observation, scientific studies, research, dissenting views, debating topics, and free speech become anti-American?

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      Dear Ms. Gallagher,

      Thank you for your excellent piece! I am completely outraged by the DNC’s treatment of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!

      Keep up the brave and good work!,

      John Martine
      Florence, MASS.

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