For those who are not familiar with the traditions of the New York City Fire Department, it is built on a long history of brotherhood, service, and self-sacrifice. It is an incredible network of men and women who support each other in ways few people will ever fully appreciate or understand. It was in accordance with those same traditions that FireFLAG/EMS was created. At a time when coming out as LGBTQ+ in the firehouse or EMS station was unheard of, it offered a way for its members to meet outside of those environments to learn from and support each other without fear of judgment, ridicule, and even outright rejection.

For over 30 years, FireFLAG/EMS has been first and foremost an organization dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters of this department. Our membership includes incredible individuals with years of experience in Firefighting, Emergency Medical Service, and leadership. We are also a volunteer and social organization with various events throughout the year designed to help our members build long-lasting friendships while helping to support local LGBTQ+ communities. We also host monthly membership meetings where we update our members on upcoming events, as well as ask our members to give us feedback and tell us how they would like to shape the future of this organization. 

Last year, we hosted our inaugural 30th Anniversary and Pride Celebration at St. John’s in the Village. The event brought our members, friends, and the whole community closer together. It was a huge success and as a result, we decided to make this an annual event so that every year, we can get together to remember the individuals who paved the way forLGBTQ+membersofthisdepartmenttoserveopenlyandproudly.

We also want to honor those individuals and organizations who continue to serve our community to help foster and maintain the freedoms we have all fought so hard to enjoy. We hope our guests will leave this evening filled with the overwhelming sense of pride, strength, and unity that we as Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics feel every day.
On Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, our 2nd Annual Pride Celebration will commemorate Pride Month with a night full of great food, great friends, an open bar, raffle prizes, and incredible music. Everyone had an amazing time at our inaugural event last year and this year is sure to be even bigger and better. Make sure to invite all your friends for an evening that is sure to be a memorable one. Your ticket purchase will  include catered food and an open bar for the whole evening. Check out our flyer below for details. Scan the QR code to purchase your tickets today. We look forward to seeing you there. HAPPY PRIDE!! 


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