Alison Clancy Concert At St John’s In The Village

June 29, 7pm

Amidst the chaos of 2020, Alison Clancy, a prolific musician, choreographer and dancer with The Metropolitan Opera, found refuge as an Artist in Residence at St. John’s in the Village. Inspired by the shimmering acoustics, she spent hours deep into the nights composing and recording original music with electric guitar, vocals and a myriad of looping and effect pedals. In conversation with journalist Camilla Aisa, Alison reflected  “A church is a place where people bring the most tender parts of themselves. They come with worries, hopes, grief, or celebration. I felt the energy of so many different people’s intentions invested in this space, and I tried to be open to it, and let it pass it through me in the hours I spent here in the middle of the night”. The result is an expansive, brooding collection of drone-psyche Americana songs, which in 2022 were released as Alison’s debut EP with Independent Project Records titled Mutant Gifts. On June 29th Alison returns to St. John’s to share a special performance of this music. All are welcome. Entry by donation. 

Alison Clancy. Photo credit: Esteban Haga

Alison Clancy with cellist Brent Arnold. Photo credit: Esteban Haga

Alison Clancy. Photo credit: Esteban Haga

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