What YOU Can Do To Refuse Installation of a Smart Meter

By Les Jamieson

You can contact Con Edison to opt out and refuse the installation of a smart meters. Call 800-576-2005. You’ll hear a menu with options trying to convince you that you need smart meters. Be aware that the industry is doing all it can to create a widespread digital grid which would be much better served through non-digital, fiber optic connectivity. Also, digital meters lack surge protection, are no more accurate than analog meters, and are programmed to measure peak usage in 15-minute increments, even if that peak lasts one second! So, choose option 6, then press 3. You will be connected to a Con Edison representative.

Be aware that these representatives are trained to dispel any suspicions about smart meters, despite the volumes or science revealing the dangers of exposure to RF radiation, despite that they consume extra energy which adds to the already excessive levels of carbon in our atmosphere, and despite the adverse health impacts many New Yorkers have already experienced. 

Be aware that Con Edison charges $9.50 per month to opt out. Residents need to organize to oppose this. Currently there is a bill in the NY State Senate, S. 5632 that would accomplish this and more. It’s in the process of advancing to a vote in the Consumer Protection Committee. Please contact your state senator today to request their support. In the meantime, you can pay your regular bill, then separately pay the $9.50 by check and write “PAID UNDER DURESS” on the check. Do not delay because after receiving a notice, it could be less than 60 days before you begin getting notices of $100 monthly fines until you provide access for installation. 

Also, you must request that Con Edison leave your existing analog meter intact. If they say they will need to replace it, demand that any replacement be analog. Otherwise, they may install meters which still transmit data digitally.

If you already have had a smart meter installed, you can request to have it removed. If you received a notice but failed to opt out, it’s likely you’ll have to pay a fee of roughly $105. However, your health is worth far more!

If you are having problems opting out, please notify Westview News.

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      They put in electric smart my town wants to install smart water meter..I refused..sent certified letter..many health problems..getting $100 fine with every water bill and past due notices. PAID MY WATER BILL ON TIME FOR 47YRS! ALSO THREATENING TO SHUT OFF WATER

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