Dear Editors: 

I’m curious: why did West View News run a press release for Robert Kennedy Jr. on

your front page? Why did WVN run a 12 page insert with his speech?  Did his campaign

pay for this insert? If so, that should have been indicated.

I pick up a community newspaper to read about neighborhood issues. If I want to read about

national issues, I read the New York Times or the Washington Post, who recently ran an opinion

piece about RFK noting his conspiracy theories and suspicion of government. No wonder

many members of his famous family don’t support his campaign for president. But he gets

promoted by West View News. 

Augusta Wind

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      As the leadline of the article pointed out, RFK was central to cleaning up our back yard, the Hudson river, a once almost dead body of water now thriving with life!
      Not enough to earn him a frontpage article in Westview.? He wasn’t just posing for photo ops, he was knee deep fighting corporations, getting them to take responsibility for the mess they make; something he continues to do, much to the distress of their slaves in the government and the press. Had you taken the time to read his words, you might be surprised to see what a thoughtful, learned and fairminded man he is. I have never heard him speak without his citing his statements with facts and studies. Many of which, I might add, you will not read in the “news” and all of which are available to those who take the time to read the actual science, rather than consuming the crumbs of curated halftruths we are subjected to.
      After the fact, his statements are spliced and diced and served back to the same complacent consumers who still can’t be bothered to go to the source. This is the ONLY reason why the Dems don’t want a debate: once you hear him speak unfiltered, it hits you like a truthbomb “ OH MY GOD!! HE’S THE REAL DEAL!!!” Unlike so many of his fellow politicians and the press, he won’t resort to labels or name calling. He believes that debate, disagreement and the airing of opposing views STRENGTHEN democracy, that people and political parties can disagree without despising and disrespecting each other, and like his father and uncle, he vehemently opposes censorship and war. All of these outlandish values were once main stream, democratic ideals, which he seeks to re-establish if given the chance.

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      I think Valerie Hawk’s response says it eloquently and represents an intelligent voter. Another mistruth I’d like to point out is that “his whole family is against him running” . That is not true. It is 4 or 5 members of his family out of maybe 107 people that disapprove of him. Certain members work for the Biden administration and his family has enjoyed a long friendship with President Biden. He has spent over 40 years as an environmental lawyer suing large corporations and government agencies and he has promised to continue to battle those groups who continue to harm our waters, air and health. Those are the ones who stand to lose if RFK Jr. is elected and those are the ones who would likely be behind and generating misinformation about this candidate.

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