By Marilyn Martin

Relationships are some of the most important parts of our lives. Sharing your existence with a wonderful, loving person seems to be high on everyone’s list. Things in your environment can promote happiness or cause problems.

When possible make sure one can get in and out of both sides of the bed. Crawling over someone makes for an unequal relationship although sometimes it is necessary.  

Night tables on either side with lamps are ideal. Then each person has their own territory.


Sleeping with your feet pointed towards the door drains your energy. Feng Shui is all about energy. If your headboard is on the same wall as the door, put a mirror on the opposite wall so you can see anyone coming in. Otherwise there is a tendency to have nerve problems.

If possible, don’t have your work area in the bedroom. It is a distraction. It should not be visible after working hours. The mind needs time to do other things.

Use a folding screen or a covering of some sort to hide it. Minimize the amount of electronics near your sleeping area. All our gadgets including the “telly” give off huge amounts of E.M.F. s.

Strong Electromagnetic Frequencies in large amounts are unhealthful to brains & bodies. For over 70 years now, they have been used for crowd control. 5G is microwave energy.  Just like your microwave oven, it “cooks” things.


Go wild with lush sheets and as many pillows as are comfortable.


sturdy headboard gives stability in life.  Whatever is behind the headboard is important.  If the plumbing is there you are connected to the sewer system.  If it’s another person’s headboard you are in their dreams.  In hotels, I sleep diagonally or with my head at the foot of the bed.


Art ,is also important. You might not want pictures of the whole family or “deities” looking at you all night.

Perhaps they would be happier somewhere else. Pictures of beautiful scenery, happy couples or groups are perfect. Avoid pictures of a lone person walking towards the horizon or a single beached rowboat. Once I had a client who had two beautifully framed pictures of French guillotines at the foot of her bed. It was the first thing she saw in the morning.

She couldn’t understand why she could not keep a boyfriend! 🙂

Traditionally, pairs of objects reinforce the idea of togetherness:

two candles, two statues, two pictures side by side connote couples.


Beams over beds look charming, but they exert a downward pressure causing health and relationship problems. Cover them with hangings similar to those used over canopy beds. Go to a quiet place outside at least six feet from trees, water, roads.


Stand with your feet a shoulder width apart. Close your eyes relax. Become aware of the sensations in your body. Notice if you feel the things around you. Then if you have beams overhead do the same stance. Move out from under the beam and feel the difference. They have been exerting a downward pressure on everything under them. If it goes down the center of the bed it separates people.

If it goes crosswise, eventually people will have health problems where the chi (Life Force) is pressing down.


Red is magnificent for an energetic encounter of short duration.  It’s too hot for long term tending to burn out quickly. Peach is perfect when you are looking for a new partner. As soon as you get a keeper, paint it a different color. Pink, blue, purple, green are all good. Often orange or yellow are not restful enough. Incense, flowers, nibbles, soft music always helps things along.


While standing in the front door of any building or home, the section to the far right is the relationship area. That holds true for each room and even on your desktop.

About Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin lives in New York City and gives consultations on Feng Shui on site, on Skype or by phone.

Marilyn has studied Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy) in both traditional compass and Bon schools, including studying with many masters, like Feng Shui master Joey Yap, who have written scores of books.

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