Robert F.Kennedy Jr. Hero Of The Hudson Announces Run For The Presidency

By Kelly Gallagher

Robert F Kennedy Jr held the position of President of Waterkeeper Alliance for over 20 years. Under his leadership, the alliance grew to be the world’s largest non-profit focused solely on clean water. There are now more than 350 Waterkeeper groups in 48 countries, patrolling and protecting 2.8 million square miles of watersheds.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an attorney and his proudest achievement was cleaning up the Hudson. Photo credit: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Archives

Bobby’s legacy with Waterkeeper movement and the impact of his environmental advocacy changed the direction of the movement. He became the chief prosecuting attorney for the Hudson River Fisherman’s Association in 1984, helping merge that group and Riverkeeper into a single organization in 1986. The new merged group became a successful model for a worldwide movement of place-based environmental defenders patrolling and protecting their waters by boat, by air, in classrooms, in public meetings and in court. Their dedication to protecting and restoring the Hudson and its tributaries from the damage done by generations of industrial degradation and civic neglect restored the health of the Hudson.

Bobby helped found Waterkeeper Alliance in 1999 to help further the waterkeeper and riverkeeper model around the world.

One of the greatest achievements of Riverkeeper during Bobby’s time there was the closure of one of New York’s most egregious landfills that was contaminating the water supply. This closure not only protected New York City’s upstate reservoir system, it saved the city billions of dollars in unnecessary filtration costs ensuring that tens of thousands of acres of sensitive reservoir buffer lands would be preserved.

“Waterkeeper is my life’s work and will always be one of my proudest achievements.” RFK Jr.

Cheryl Hines, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Kelly Gallagher Photo credit: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Archives

16 thoughts on “Robert F.Kennedy Jr. Hero Of The Hudson Announces Run For The Presidency

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      Let’s face it. Biden is a very old 80 year old. The question is more will he make it to the end of 2024 in campaign mode than will he last an entire second term. Trump is Trump….. There really is only one candidate in a field of also rans. President Kennedy 2024

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      You obviously are too young to be able to spell or use English grammar correctly. Biden is in much better shape than people much younger than he. Age is just a number. Kennedy does not live up to his progressive heritage. He’s a conspiracy theory proponent.

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      First, this puff piece makes no attempt to be thorough, let alone balanced. WestView News needs to do better.

      More importantly, any candidate recommending horse dewormer pills — after a leading proponent of the movement recently died of known side effects — has zero credibility running for dogcatcher, let alone the Presidency.

      The US has roughly a third of the GLOBAL deaths from COVID-19. This is a national tragedy, a deadly triumph of obstinate ignorance. Politically motivated bloviators and anti-science charlatans should be pilloried, not blindly celebrated, regardless of their celebrity.

      RFK Jr.’s baseless extremist attacks on Dr. Fauci and the medical epidemiology community are an instant disqualifier — or at the least, deserved to be mentioned in the article.

      Then there’s the electoral politics. Unmentioned. Will RFK Jr. siphon votes away from Biden, or the Republican candidate? I have my suspicions. And I’m concerned.

      Hero of the Hudson? Doubtless. Sentimental spoiler? Possibly. Nutcase from Nantucket? Definitely.

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        First off, have you really listened to his numbers dealing with the pandemic and the rush job vaccine that was pushed? Or are you just pushing the popular narrative the media and white house tells you to believe without truly giving real answers?
        Also, we know that Fauci has been lying all along about the pandemic, it’s origins and covering it up so China doesn’t get bad press. Fauci was given way too much power when people were scared and needed true answers. And now he doesn’t want to give it up.

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        The disinformation experts (government & media) know their brainwashed audience intelligence deficits so well. “Let’s just call the Nobel-winning drug a ‘horse dewormer, horse dewormer, horse dewormer…”

        That historical origin of that word “disinformation” is telling: “The dissemination of deliberately false information, esp. when supplied by a GOVERNMENT or its agent to a foreign power or to the MEDIA, with the intention of influencing the policies or opinions of those who receive it” [OED], 1955, from Russian dezinformatsiya (1949)” Source: etymonline dot com

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      Countries with the lowest vax rate have lowest death rate. Period.

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        Got any data to back up that assertion?

        Per 91-divoc(dot)com which provides all kinds of graphs based on Johns Hopkins university data:

        The US is roughly 25th from the best in terms of vax rate, roughly 15th worst in terms of death rate, and at 1.1M the US has more dead in total than any other nation (save for the EU when taken as a whole).

        Clearly, covid vaccines save lives.

        Conversely, people spreading disinformation — or pimping horse drugs — have blood on their hands.

        See my reply to Ken for more.

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      I see that the scientifically illiterate ideologues and paid mudslingers are still hard at work pushing Fauci’s fraud and attacking anyone who points out the facts: Not only did the rushed and coerced vaccines not work as promised (fact), but also the government’s own VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) has recorded more reports of injuries and deaths from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines than all previous vaccines combined since VAERS was established (fact). And now they’ve been approved for infants while other countries Switzerland and the UK no longer recommend then for anyone. Thank goodness someone is speaking up against this madness to counter the legions of know-nothings, paid and volunteer, who can only manage fact-free personal attacks.

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        Mudslinger? Who wrote a book slamming whom?!?

        Scientifically illiterate? Per the NYC DOH: “Vaccinated New Yorkers have much lower rates of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

        Again, as per NYC DOH, roughly speaking, since the vaccines came out Jan 2021, unvaxxed New Yorkers are 3x as likely to get sick, 5x as likely to need hospitalization, and 6x as likely to die as vaxxed New Yorkers.

        We seem to have different definitions of basic words like “science”, “fact”, and “mudslinger”.

        See reply to John B. for more.

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          You’re not reading science you are reading or watching the “News” which is paid for by advertising. In this case the advertisers happen to be pharmaceutical companies and the Ad Council who made a fortune producing campaigns that said “ stay 6 feet apart” etc.
          TV programming is always funded by advertisers which used to pit the news department against the sales department. Now News apparently just does what they are told. I worked at NBC and at an NBC affiliate. I saw it with my own eyeballs.

          And BTW…. John Hopkins was part of Event 201 where they rehearsed the Plandemic in October of 2019. Google it. You can watch the videos yourself.

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