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Dr. Noah Sanni brings dermatological science to the Village. Dr Sanni has 25 years of experience and has performed over 15,000 surgical procedures. Photo credit: A Dope Artist

277 West Village has the feel of an elegant speakeasy.  One might walk right past the unbranded storefront on West 4th  Street without realizing that inside, they would discover an elegant, well-appointed clinic featuring state-of-the-art equipment, a team lead by board-Certified surgeons, talented estheticians and medical grade skincare products.  The clinic will introduce a combination of holistic and contemporary medical non-surgical and surgical approaches to benefit the residents… Services include personalized nutritional guidance based on individual DNA and lab analysis while keeping personal and family medical and genetic testing in mind. Hormone replacement therapy if medically indicated will also be part of the patient’s journey. The above will be complimented with non-surgical procedures like liquid face lifts for both men and women. Chin and jaw augmentation, non-surgical rhinoplasty and customized treatments for baggy eyelids and dark circles.  Botox, fillers and PDO threads are also offered Additionally on site cosmetic surgery for baggy eyelids ( blepharoplasty) is on the menu. Consultation for breast and body are provided by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Some of the most popular treatments of the day such as HydraFacials, Dermaplaning, Chemical peels, IPL, Laser Hair removal, Votiva (women’s sexual health ) Microneedling, and the current rave from Hollywood to Saint Germain, Morpheus8 are also offered. Morpehus8 is the most effective non-surgical procedure for toning and tightening skin. It stimulates collagen production by combining micro needling with radiofrequency and the remarkable results are addictive. 

Photo credit: A Dope Artist

Dr Noah Sanni, a long-time resident of the West Village and a Board-Certified surgeon, has brought his anti-aging procedures to neighborhood residents with the opening of his new anti-aging and aesthetic clinic, discreetly named, 277 West Village. 

 The Clinic has over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic facial rejuvenation and enhancements and Dr. Sanni has performed over 15,000 surgical procedures.  

277 West Village is certified in PRP/Hair restoration and offers specialized single follicle hair transplantation (Neografting) by some of most experienced technicians in the United States. 

 The doctor’s philosophy for facial rejuvenation is rooted in natural looking results.  His patient’s do not look “worked on” but rather refreshed and enhanced. He believes that current plastic surgery trends are working against the fundamental concepts of beauty. He explains, “Over exaggeration of physical characteristics can be unattractive if these look unnatural. Younger people look older with artificially exaggerated facial features whether its plump lips, lip flips, or overly inflated cheeks.”

With regards to maintenance, Dr. Sanni recommends that patients begin when you start seeing signs of aging, “the facial muscular architecture can be supported (before  we start seeing the aging signs in the midface and especially the lower face) …without  any surprising, exaggerated changes on the surface. Thus maintaining youthful serenity…this preventive protocol is non-surgical for the majority of patients.”  The clinic will also provide sessions for patients suffering from body Dysmorphia, a condition where one’s body self-image is distorted.


Absolute discretion has always been the pillar of Dr. Noah’s cosmetic  practice, having treated many of the world’s top celebrities. It is in the spirit of this discretion that he wants his neighborhood clinic to be an understated, tasteful, relaxing private space for West Village residents to enjoy pain-free anti-aging procedures. 


The clinic will continue to add other modalities to reduce cellular aging and regenerative medicine.  Hyperbaric treatments will be introduced shortly together with cryotherapy.


Consultations are always complimentary and the team of 277 West Village looks forward to warmly welcoming new patients.

277 West 4th Street

New York, NY 10014

(917) 261-4599

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