-By Robert Shapiro

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The other day, I watched a fledgling pigeon being fed for one of the last times by its mother before it could fully fly and feed on its own. This pigeon has no choice but to try to survive. Why? Because it was born. The mere fact that it exists on Earth creates a huge responsibility. Every pigeon (and all other entities on Earth) has to work hard just to stay alive except for a few lucky humans, and yet, so many of us disdain these innocent beings.

Pigeons, or Rock Doves were brought here in the 1600s from England to be bred for food. Escapees from here and elsewhere have become sosuccessful that they can be found in cities all over the world.

Bird lovers and experts admire pigeons for their high intelligence, dutiful parenting, powerful flying prowess and the ability for some types to findtheir way home from over 1000 miles away. They make their nests on ledges and crevices of buildings just as they would on the cliffs of their natural habitats in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Ironically, the reason that they are so “common” is because they are so successful.

Pigeons are very social and large flocks that congregate to rest together after they feed, often poop on statues, widow sills, awnings, telephone wires and sometimes us.

For this reason (plus the false assumption that they are dirty) they are generally looked down upon. When the subject of pigeons arises, many people reflexively say, “I hate pigeons”, but this sentiment is unwarranted.

Any being that is born into existence is completely innocent, because it had absolutely nothing to do with it; its birth was literally none of its business. Once here, it is every life form’s responsibility to survive.

Blaming a pigeon, rat, spider, snake, insect etc. for existing is just as senseless as blaming a person for being a different shade, nationality, religion,or sexual preference.

Despite all that humans have inflicted upon the Earth, we so easily pass judgement on innocent animals. Similarly, disliking a person who happened to have been born elsewhere or who has a different look or lifestyle is literally blaming someone for their conception. Rather, the diversity of all life on Earth could be a constant source of interest and awe.

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      I find it disturbing that the author compares disliking rats and pigeons because they are a pest to cities is the same as someone being racists or xenophobe.

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