-By Alden Roosevelt

America’s Foremost 12-Year-Old Columnist

When I first walked into that book-filled room, and saw the formidable 94-year-old man sitting behind his desk smiling at me, I could tell I was welcome. George gave me an opportunity that day that I will never forget, and I will always be grateful to him. He gave me a voice, and set me on my way. I know I’m somewhat new to George’s life compared to the long working relationships he has had with other writers. He is eighty- three years my senior and comes from an era of undershirts, but he treats me as an equal. A lot of grown ups expect and demand respect from kids without giving respect to kids in return. When we work together, George is a good listener and always looks me in the eye.

As I look out over a frozen lake, I am thinking about George today. He recently had his 95th birthday and as a surprise present his mutinous crew jumped ship and ran off with a new captain, at least from where he stands on deck. I have received quite a few emails from the “New WestView” asking me to write for them but I haven’t answered. Please consider this article my answer. George and I have had many conversations together. He is hurt by the swirl of rumors going around and especially the claims of dementia, as he is proud of his strong mind. Even though I love writing, I for one won’t be jumping ship. I feel too much loyalty towards George. As for the captain of the “New WestView” I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him. I hear he’s a politician AND a lawyer, so he must be a nice guy.

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