-By Michael Mynar

What is my story as a retail investor investing within obvious corrupt and incompetent Wall Street. I probably told my story 1000 times but the story I want told is about the retail investor. The ones that are investing in companies that are being attacked and ran bankrupt using methods like naked shorting spoofing ladder attacks and many other loop holes in regulation. Who is it, hedge funds, market makers, banks, brokers, it’s folks sitting up on Wall Street laughing at us and calling us dumb money. All in the name of greed. it’s corporate America where anyone up top still gets paid even if there’s crimes or manipulation taken place they go home with their fat checks but the ones that pay the price is you and I the every day person. Unfortunately, the average person out there doesn’t see doesn’t hear doesn’t even have a clue what is happening right under their noses these kind of greed actions is destroying our country destroying our economy and as a United States Marine, I call it financial terrorism This is an attack on our National security.

Images from Occupy SEC 2023

Now let me tell you a story about the little guy. And when I say the little guy, I’m referring to the man or the woman that chooses to invest in a corrupt market. This little guy gets up early every morning get your kids ready for school get some cells ready to go off to a 9-to‑5 maybe even a 9–8 job just to pay the electric pay the gas pay the car payments pay their house payment pay their medical insurance payments. Maybe even send the kids to private school. The little guy that works all year around. Saves up their vacation time saves up a little money from their paychecks. Maybe uses their tax returns just to take their family on vacation somewhere maybe like Disney World. This guy was told to make sure they save up money for retirement because Social Security may not be around, Majority of most companies aren’t even offering pension plans so they were told to invest blindly into 401(k) plans where they should see a six to hopefully 10% return on their money so maybe by the time they’re 65 they can retire enjoy their grandkids. But unknowing to them. The greed on Wall Street has finally reached its cycle again and the ones that are going to pay. Is that little guy when they decide to retire and the market takes another dump and their retirement is slashed in half and now they got to pick up a second job or a part-time job at Walmart being a greeter just to supplement their income.

Now, let me tell you a story about the little guy that is fed up and had enough.

The little guy that saw after investing in companies like aMc GME gtii mmtlp amongst many. How corrupt the market actually is and how even our SEC government or Congress doesn’t even address  these issues that is destroying the retirements of the first little guy. We’re talking about criminal acts and bending the rules, such as naked shorting which is creating synthetic, fake unreal shares of companies and selling them on the market. Forcing the share prices of those companies down to pennies on the dollar with the hopes that those companies will go bankrupt so they don’t have to pay back or buy back those shares. Another example is taking a dividend share ticker mmtlp that was never supposed to be sold on the open market and taking that share and selling it and then shorting that share and creating if not hundreds of thousands of fake shares and then our own watch dog Finra does a Halt on that stock on the last two trading days which in affect just froze over 65,000 investors accounts without the ability to sell, and that is going on as we speak. Unfathomable how they can lock out retail investors money. What if those folks desperately needed access to it, to pay their mortgage or pay for life saving medical treatments. It’s been over 2 months they have held these folks money in limbo. But here is what these big money institutions never expected. The average guy to unite. And the only way we see that anything changes is when more of the average little guy stands up and unite and says enough is enough, and we get the attention of Congress the only ones that can enact create and investigate what it would take to close these loopholes and these crimes. We the people the new occupysec2023 demand that our Congress put together an investigative committee immediately and take action against these corporate criminals on Wall Street. Our movement is going to continue to grow as more and more people become aware and get fed up with their investments getting cut in half while the Wall Street bankers make billions. We are utilizing social media places like Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, amongst others to share and learn via crowd, sourced information. We are the true largest hedge fund in the world. We are the retail investor. I myself am utilizing my experience, my training and my life to fight for a better market I use my YouTube channel the marine XXX to connect and unite with other retail investors, we are also currently uniting with executives and CEOs from around the world that are fed up with their companies being ran into the ground. Our next stop finding inspiring politicians to join our cause. We accomplish great things when we become one. I am Mike Mynar, the marine who wrote a blank check on my life many years ago to maintain the freedoms you enjoy. However my oath never ended to defend our great country against foreign and domestic adversaries. This is Financial terrorism on our people. I hope our story touches your heart. Remember Darren Saunders, he lives on within us.

Michael Mynar “Effort Never Equals Zero”

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