Dear George

I was most distressed to hear about the turn of events at The Westview News.

For the newspaper to appear with virtually the same format and name, without it’s publisher, but with the same editorial staff, seems a flagrant kind of piracy that almost escapes my comprehension.

I’m sorry that after 19 years of publishing you now have very little recourse except to fight a long and sustained battle to regain control of your newspaper.

This is not something to be undertaking at age 95.

You have my sympathy, and I wish you the best of luck in the travails to come.

Fond regards,

Jeff Hodges


Dear Mr. Capsis:

This is a big thank you to you and your wonderful paper which I look forward to reading every month.  As a long term village resident, I feel informed every time I open the pages.  I enjoy the articles so much, especially the ones about the birds who live here and visit here.  We are lucky to live near the mighty Hudson River and I can remember how it was before the beautiful walking path and bike path were built.  I also enjoy reading “what’s in and what’s out”. And try to stop into the new restaurants and coffee shops when they  I was astonished to see my ad in this fake West view imitation.  Please have a great birthday and best wishes for many more with good health to boot! 

 Suzanne McAndrews

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