Cremation and Flower Vase Urn holding Maggie Berkvist ashes in front of her bar stool in the Left Bank, where she would look out and enjoy a daily glass (and a half) of rose, and her signature chunk beaded necklace.  c) Joel Gordon 2022

Her evening routine for over a decade: Maggie perched on her stool in the window at Left Bank, enjoying her views of the “doggies,” while sipping rose wine with ice—one glass daily plus a generous splash. She was rarely without one of her signature chunky beaded necklaces, which she selected from an unnumbered collection, amassed mostly from years of Caribbean travel of which she often mused.

She considered the corner of Perry St. and Greenwich St., to be holy in a way, a particularly special corner of the world from where she participated in, and keenly observed life in the west village carry on.

-Joel Gordon

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