Arthur Schwartz’ “new” Paper Attacks 9/11 Tiles For America Memorial Bus

-By George Capsis


Arthur Schwartz’ “new” paper has devoted an entire page to attacking Dusty and the 9/11 Tiles for America Memorial Bus which is parked for the last six years at 7th Ave and Greenwich Ave.  

It’s where many Villagers gathered to watch the unbelievable destruction of the world trade center. Around the corner on Greenwich Ave there was a “paint your own pottery” shop that began to create tiles as a way for people to express their emotions. These tiles are unique and they represent an important part of the West Village history. The Tiles were loosely affixed to the chain link fence that surrounded the MTA parking lot where they hung for 10 years. The community removed them in advance of Hurricane Irene and they were re-hung during the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The Tiles were again removed during construction of the MTA ventilation plant. Many of the original tiles were too fragile to remain outdoors so Dusty Berke and the “Village Angels” conceived the idea of housing the surviving 9/11 Tiles in a library bus as a mini museum. 

Arthur Schwartz in his attempt to capture the readers of WestView News has printed a full page to attack the 9/11 Tiles for America memorial bus .

On Tuesday, Jan 17th, the 6th precinct was ordered to tow the bus. Dusty rushed from a production meeting to caution the police from removing the bus and of the fragility of the tiles. She pleaded with the officers not to tow the bus for fear the tiles would be damaged in transit. Dusty was summarily handcuffed and taken into a police vehicle and detained to the 6th precinct. She refused to be fingerprinted and have a mug shot, stating she committed no crime and was trying to protect the memorial tiles. 

Arthur Schwartz may have been successful in having the bus towed to a police lot. (it will cost Dusty thousands of dollars to retrieve the bus and the 9/11 Tiles). If you believe the 9/11 Tiles for America Memorial belongs in the village write to us at WestView News or visit us on social media and email your local politicians and demand they create a permanent home for the surviving 9/11 Tiles that can be open to the public.

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      Sounds like one full of himself elitist who’s convinced he knows what’s best for all because after all, he’s him, and who probably doesn’t want any reminders of 9/11 around because it’s history contradicted much of his entrenched values and viewpoints. 9/11 unfortunately unleashed many of these – see the billion dollar WTC memorial that chosen specifically to remake the site so it does not acknowledge the attacks. If the people of the village want this memorial restored then it should be.

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