It’s with mixed emotions that I read the compliments my readers offered for the 21 years of publishing Westview News and their despair to learn that Attorney Arthur Schwartz is attempting to alienate my writers and steal my paper.

That he committed such an egregious crime against me on my 95th birthday leaves me feeling sick. Sick at the duplicity of someone I thought of as a friend or at least intelligent enough to avoid blatant unnecessary cruelty.

I am sitting down to work on the Dec/Jan issue and I’m trying to control my rage. If Arthur Schwartz wanted to start a newspaper he should have chosen a new name and found his own staff, contributors and advertisers instead of deceiving mine and risking the penalties associated with intentional intellectual property theft, mail fraud, identity theft, and false advertising amongst other crimes.

What Arthur did was unconscionable, reprehensible, and cause for him to be disbarred and lose his license to practice law.

I have retained a legal firm to stop Arthur and his co-conspirators from committing any further crimes against me. Although I served a Cease and Desist letter requesting that Arthur, Kim and Liza stop using Westview News and my proprietary materials (that I have collected over the last 21 years) and stop contacting my writers and advertisers, they refuse.

Through the years from time to time, Arthur has tried to use his legal skills and slight of hand to position himself to gain control of Westview.

In the early days Arthur (who was always running for something) approached me with an offer to place $30.000.00 worth of ads in my paper over a 36-month period of time in exchange for a 1% ownership in Westview. He was trying to put a legal hook into my paper.

Lucky for me (and you) Arthur never reached the threshold to acquire the 1% interest in WestView and the “Agreement” (which I maintain I never signed) is meaningless and I retain full ownership of my paper (our paper).

If you are outraged at what Arthur has done to me and you would like to contribute to my “Legal Defense and Legacy Fund”, or if you would like to offer your time or skills to make Westview even better visit our website at

-George Capsis

Founder of West View News


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