Wall Street Conspiracy Down The Rabbit Hole 2023

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      I never forgot 2008. When is the anniversary of Bastille Day? Asking for a friend…

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      Looking forward to watching this very necessary documentary

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      Thank you, George Capsis! I just watched the interview you participated in with the authors and producers of the Wall Street Conspiracy and of course Marcel and Darren. You are an inspiration! Glad to have you on our side!

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      Happy belated birthday George. I heard you on Boss Blunts YouTube channel yesterday. Thank you for posting this film on your site!

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      I’m an investor from the UK.
      I became part of this movement against unimaginable corruption in 2020.

      I happened to hear about GameStop on Social Media. Not understanding anything about short selling, I bought a small number of GME. I could hardly believe it when my investment, later, went up 400% in the space of 36 hours. Unfortunately, I sold before the bigger run up.

      Following this, I was trying to work out why a seemingly failing company, whose stock price had been falling for many years, was expected, by a group of investors, to sky rocket.
      It seemed to make no sense.
      Gradually, I researched and learned and couldn’t believe the truth I was seeing;

      Powerful financial institutions control the price of stocks!

      It is as simple as that.

      It is an ILLUSION that the share price of any stock is determined by the balance of supply and demand. Instead, it is moved, almost completely, by financial institutions. These use a combination of many mechanisms to control the share prices.
      Here are a few.

      Loopholes built, intentionally, into the system allow hedge funds, investment behemoths, and market makers, all supported by banks, to manipulate share price, while at the same time allowing them to hide these activities.

      The regulators, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, have been populated and captured by the above forces, so the criminal activity is overlooked.

      Media is controlled, in order to massively influence groups and individuals to buy when these forces want them to, and sell when they want them to.

      The most significant tool in their armoury is Short Selling. This process is said to be vital to discover and destroy inefficient companies and so promote only the most efficient companies.

      The process of short selling by institutions:
      Lending shares retail investors own, often without their owners knowing, benefits the brokers, as they charge the borrowers a fee. It also benefits the borrower who can sell these borrowed shares, realising a great deal of money and reducing the share price in the process. (Often the broker is involved, opaquely with the share borrower, introducing more moral hazard.)
      The borrower then seeks to induce share holders to sell, further contributing to the falling share price. They do so using “short and distort” tactics.
      They cause false claims about the strength of the company to be generated- maybe a malicious law suit, a talking head who is paid to discourage people from buying the stock.
      They can also spoof to decrease the price.
      Hedge funds/ family offices/market makers can cooperate with each other (ladder attacks) or with shadow operations of their own company ( wash sales) to seem to trade the stock to each other for successively lower prices.
      As a result the share price falls further, the borrower then buys back the shares, at a much lower price than they sold them for, and gives them back to the broker.
      So, the broker who should represent you, but instead lent out your shares, makes money by charging a fee. The borrower also makes money. The only loosers are the investors who owned the shares, who are invariably unaware of the forces that drove down the share price of their stock.
      I was surprised by reading on stock message boards, how widely known and taken for granted these methods were, yet within regulatory authorities and economic discussions on main stream media, it was as though this elephant in the room just didn’t exist.

      Do you want it darker?
      This is where the GaneStop and later the AMC (and thousands more heavily shorted sticks- condescendingly called meme stocks.) stories start (though they weren’t the first stories and unfortunately probably won’t be the last.)

      Both of these companies have been under attack, by Shorters, for many years.
      But at the start of the pandemic the Shorters saw the perfect opportunity to make even more money than ever.
      If they can bankrupt the companies they shorted, they don’t need to repurchase the stock that they borrowed and sold. (Remember of course, that the companies who fall prey to this shorting suffer, as they go to the wall and their employees suffer, as they lose their jobs. All to enable a few greedy organisations to get richer.)

      What could be more vulnerable than a movie theatre chain, when they are forced to close their doors for nearly a year.
      So the scene was set. Cue the media to pronounce the death of cinema and to extol the virtues of streaming.
      But a group of disparate investors from all over the world, many whose families had been ravaged by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, became aware, through social media, of what the Shorters were doing, and, as individuals, decided to resist the shorts.

      The Apes were born!
      The more the Shorts borrowed, to sell, the more the Apes bought. They couldn’t force the price down with their usual tactics- they had run out of any shares to borrow. So they then resorted to other methods at their disposal to crush the price; rather than borrowing real shares, they started to create fake/synthetic shares.
      Almost limitless numbers of shares could be produced and sold into the market to reduce the stock price, and this mechanism and ways to obscure it from prying eyes, exist due to countless loopholes in regulation that they can exploit.

      However sometimes despite all their advantages David can sometimes beat Goliath. This happened when financial conditions reduced the capital that the shorts needed to exploit the loopholes.

      That day was January 28 2021.
      As investors jumped in to buy more, the price of GME started to rise. Short sellers were facing the prospect of having to pay much more to repurchase the shares, they sold, than they received when they sold them.
      Many actors had been involved in the illegal shorting; brokers, hedge funds, market makers and the banks that facilitate them all.
      They were all complicit, and they all faced an existential crisis, as more retail investors, seeing the rapidly increasing share price, rushed to buy more, sending the price higher.
      These entities did the only thing they could. They stopped retail investors from buying, while at the same time allowing the shorters to buy the shares they needed to buy back.
      This has all been documented in the GameStop enquiry ( led by Maxine Waters, yet no action has been taken.
      Turning off the buy button on 28 January, and the authorities’ shameless failure to acknowledge it and take meaningful action, has incensed the Apes still more.

      The Apes know now, that no politicians and no regulators are going to solve the problem.

      We know that the Apes are the only cure.
      We see that the global economic environment teeters on the brink of collapse, and we know that when it does, these predatory forces will lose the strangle hold that they have on these stocks, and they will squeeze in the Mother of All Short Squeezes.
      We will continue to buy and hold, despite ridicule and gaslighting from the main stream media, and the regulatory authorities, and we will prevail!

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        They will halt the stocks and we expect it this time because they have consistently done it over this past two years. We will still hold when they resume trading. We’re not leaving until wallstreet crumbles. No more pay to play fines. The Wall Street system has to be built back up to be fair for all. Retail to stop being the institutions free ATM. No fox guarding the hen house type regulatory system as it exists today. No more loopholes because they have severely abused them. No more swaps and isda contracts. No more options. No more PFOF. Those are just a few that needs to be abolished TICK TOCK Wall Street Karma doesn’t discriminate.

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      I took a work leave during Covid due to lack of demand at my job. I got more involved in investing my money at this time. I discontinued my money management with my broker as I was losing a significant amount of money, and paying fees on top of it.

      I invested in AMC in March of 2021. At my high my account had over $30million. At my low it had $2-$3million.

      I helped a family member retire early. Turned $1million into $7million and still holds over $7million.

      I have other friends and family members who were harmed by and are still in this stock which is predatorily shorted to oblivion. I can not leave them behind. I continue to hold xxx,xxx shares in both AMC and APE. And I know others holding xxx,xxx shares. I came into this life with nothing, and I will be leaving with nothing except knowing I stood on the right side of history.

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      To whom it may concern,

      It’s a small world!
      What happens in your markets affects us all.
      I am a huge fan of the people of the USA, visited many times and today proud to say I have many friends who live in your beautiful country.
      I live across the pond in the UK, I am 51 years of age and lived through too many market crashes including 2008.
      I have family who live in Seattle and Michigan and felt compelled to write a letter to you and all your readers.
      Thank you all for your continued publications and all you do.
      2008 we were told MBS and CDS were the cause, that the housing market and Ninja loans the reason.
      We was not told or explained too on how Banks across the world and the greedy unscrupulous individuals within the industry were directly responsible and after the crash acutely aware that no one was held accountable, no individuals or organisation, no regulatory bodies or CFO’s, but we all paid a hefty price though, 12 years of Austerity here in the UK, pay freezes, loss of homes and jobs or worst and now many people, far smarter than I share the same belief that those not held accountable have continued as before, nothing changed.
      Naked Short selling and other means of market manipulation raised in 2012 by Darren Saunders RIP, Mark Faulks and many others who appeared in The Documentary The Wall Street Conspiracy are now very much centre of retail investors focus, not only in the USA and Canada but here in the UK, across Europe and elsewhere, we are aware that these practices have been allowed to escalate to unfathomable numbers and a genuine threat to us all.
      We continue our fight, we will not leave, we remember 2008 and how we endured all we did only to realise now that all we sacrificed was in vain, not only has nothing changed it has become far, far worst!

      We aim to warn as many people as possible, we do all we can to bring light to our concerns, no one warned us before 2008, right now 5-10 million of us do all we can to warn millions and millions of innocent hard working American citizens so they can take a look… we all did.

      Kind regards

      Darren Arnold

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      Thanks for the great article Westview news! Let’s end this Naked Short selling scam. Everyone should know how evil Ken Griffin of Citadel and all other naked short sellers actually are!

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