Welcome to the Neighborhood: the Eklund–Gomes Team is Here!

– By Dana Jean Costantino


We have new neighbors here in the West Village, and some of us at WestView News could not be more delighted! The iconic building located at 41 Bank Street at the corner of West 4th Street is now occupied by the real estate group known as the Eklund-Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman. They are dynamic team and beyond successful. On hit TV shows such as Million Dollar Listing, and social media followings that surpass a million, they are the ones to watch, but likely you are already doing so because they are that cool!

In addition to this new office location, which they are fashioning as a salon open to all who wish to come in and say hello to talk shop or about neighborhood goings–on, they have a 10,000 square foot flagship location in the Flatiron District. During a recent conversation I was privileged have with Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes, I learned why the West Village has so much meaning to them and why being part of this neighborhood at this time in such a well-known corner location is so important.

Both John and Fredrik shared that when they first came to New York City they became neighbors, with apartments on West 10th and West 9th Streets. They feel that the West Village lives in them—as a neighborhood with community and heart, and that the West Village is “old New York,” a neighborhood where you know your neighbors and talk to the deli owner when getting your morning coffee; there is a sense of comfort and community with roots.

When I asked them about what makes the West Village so special, particularly at this time, one of the topics that came up was space. Fredrik and John both pointed out a desire for “larger homes.” With its classic townhouses and brownstones, many still existing as single-family dwellings with backyard gardens, the West Village is highly desirable. They explained that the desire for more space has been brought on by the trend of hybrid work models and remote learning that, for many, is here to stay even as the pandemic sees an end.

In talking about their team, one can immediately tell how passionate they are about what they have built. Fredrik pointed out that he sees their team “as a circle and not a triangle,” a family where they view each other as equals and work as such for growth, and also to provide the best world class service to their clients.

As a lover of “good vibes” myself, I was delighted to hear John talk about how important positive energy is to their success and their relationships with the people they take on as clients. Another plus that they both agreed exists in the West Village: the tree–lined and cobblestone streets that make the neighborhood stand out.

If you are in the West Village, be sure to stop in at 41 Bank Street and say hello to Fredrik and John. Since we are such a pet-friendly neighborhood, they have assured me that there will be treats ready on hand for all the four-legged dwellers too.

The 41 Bank Street location officially opened on September 22nd and the space looks absolutely beautiful; we have no doubt that this addition to the neighborhood will be welcomed by all.

Photo Credit – Eklund – Gomes Team and Douglas Elliman

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