By Dana Jean Costantino

It is said that the September issue is always one of the biggest and brightest and best issues of any newspaper or magazine. Maybe this is because Fall is about to start. Many are starting school again and we are facing the upcoming holiday season. Change is in the air. Change is in our heads. Change is in our hearts.

With the start of September, we also have an opportunity to look inward and make changes. Any time a new season is on the horizon it is not only the symbol of a change in weather but an opportunity for a change in health and well-being.

What did you discover about yourself this Summer that was a good thing? How can you enhance it and keep it going? Did you notice something that you want to work on? What will you do to make that happen? New Season, new you…or rather, same you with a twist. A new pep in your step.

We do not need to become completely different people but as we age, we should grow. Grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

While it may not always be easy, it is always possible. In big ways or small it is always possible. We are more powerful than we know, and a change of seasons is a good reminder of that. The seasons can change and so can you!

It is the time to take a new step towards being your best self. We are never all the way there, but we can keep on the journey. The journey of self-discovery, which is in fact one of the most interesting journeys of them all! Taking a new faster step or a slower step on the same path or switching paths altogether. The choice is yours and the September issue is the issue of you. The issue of now.

May the peace of the new season be with you!

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