By Bruce Poli

Marriage Equality … That is the singular most pronounced concept that defines progress in the gay rights movement, otherwise known as LGBTQ+. It has been 53 years since the Stonewall rebellion.

The two renowned Supreme Court cases, United States v. Windsor (2013) and Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), have come to be known as the rallying cry for further progress—in the workplace, in the social landscape, and clearly for marginalized groups like the transgender community throughout the country and the world.

THE RAINBOW FLAG created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. Photo © Suzanne Poli.

So, it is nothing short of a metaphoric tornado to hear that Roe v. Wade, a sister Supreme Court civil rights decision, will likely be overturned in this month of Pride 2022.

What in the world does this mean for all of us? It means our world is incredibly complicated and challenging, and that we are experiencing a time when everyone who wants progress in democracy, and for democracy to succeed, must work together.

We, in the West Village, celebrate our community hosting and promoting Pride and the LGBT civil rights movement (see WVN article, May 2015, “How the West Village Brought Civil Rights to the World”).

It is incumbent upon us to support and promote abortion rights, as more than 70 percent of the country approves of Roe v. Wade and the right to abortion.

Recently, I told Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “Ask pro-lifers: how was your life as a fetus? Because if there is no consciousness, there is no life…” “That’s a great thought!” she said. My reply: “Use It!” We need every tool we can get!

To continue protection and progress of LGBT and women’s and human rights around the world, we must use our minds, our voices, and our actions to work with our brothers and sisters for the progress and liberation of all human beings, and for diversity throughout the world.

Pride is actually a human revolution. Let us once again lead the way.

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