By Dana Jean Costantino

Have you ever wondered if it’s OK to talk to yourself out loud, to hear your voice rather than just have your thoughts wander around in your head? I certainly have.

I find myself speaking out loud to myself quite often. Moving through moments, seeking my own advice, processing work-related issues, health-related issues, social issues, environmental issues, and day-to-day life issues, out loud verbally to myself.

I began to wonder, is it healthy to talk to yourself out loud; is that a strange habit? After lots of research I have come to find out that talking to yourself out loud rather than just silently having thoughts in your head is quite healthy and encouraged.

It turns out that speaking out loud helps us to process things better, faster, with more awareness, and it also allows us the space to move through the process in a way that feels comforting. Much like dancing while no one is watching, talking out loud to yourself while you are alone can have the same effect. Not only will you find yourself getting to solutions quicker, calming yourself down, and having an overall sense of clarity, but it’s even possible to learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Bottom line, don’t hold it all in and don’t wait for an audience. As it turns out, you are your very best audience. The answers are much closer than you think. Incidentally, hearing one’s own voice in a space where you are alone can also help you with tone and pace and in turn make you a better more confident speaker when you do have an audience.

So, today when you have a thought buzzing around in your brain like a bumble bee, try verbalizing it to yourself, say the words out loud and see if you can talk yourself through a solution.

We so often are told that the answer lies within ourselves, it just may be that it does, but you may need to talk it out of yourself first.

I hope your next chats with yourselves get you motivated and refreshed. Think of it this way, sometimes you need to release the pent-up thoughts for more positive action-oriented ones to have room to grow, just in time for Spring!

Say it, sing it, dance it! 

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