By Stuart Gelles

In these challenging times, perhaps the most powerful force in our world is the ability and choice for each and every one of us to perform random acts of kindness.

On a global level, the COVID pandemic—despite advances in science, medicine, and technology—resulted in mass disruption of life as the civilized world has known it. From workers displaced, people locked down in their homes, to backlogs in the manufacturing and distribution supply chains, the long-term economic effects are still not known. Suffice to say, the world is a different place now and all of us have been through a life-altering experience. In fact, the very nature of what it is to be a human has been deeply compromised as we have found ourselves isolated—locked down with no human touch. The implications of this loss of connection with others could be catastrophic and, dare to say, long-term negative effects may alter social behavior for generations…unless we do something about this and take action now!

Ask yourself what our experience of life would be without connection—void of heartfelt intimacy, void of the feeling of touch…a hug from friends or relatives upon seeing them after a long absence, a passionate kiss between lovers or a warm approving kiss on the cheek from a mom or dad, brother or sister, relative or friend.
It is SIMPLE…the deeply gratifying soulful and uniquely human experience of connection must be understood and honored, the positive effects of which could in fact create such a powerful force as to obliterate the negative force of a diseased planet on the inhabitants like you and me who find ourselves lost…in search of meaning again.

In the realm of physics, Newton’s first law states—and has been proven—that energy traveling in a direction, at its own speed, will continue on that course unless met by something of equal yet greater force that will propel it in another direction.

Each of us has the G-d given gift to bring love, joy, peace and light to each person and situation we encounter. Time will tell how the history of this era will be written. A random act of kindness may be just the thing that enables our fellow man to turn from the darkness to the light…and live and flourish yet again!

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