By Research Foundation to Cure AIDS President Kambiz Shekdar, Ph.D.

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“How should NYC welcome LGBTQ+ refugees from Afghanistan?”


Gay Nathanael Holley



I’m going to be very serious in this response because human life is at stake. America should do whatever it takes to secure the lives of anyone who is threatened by this totalitarian theocratic regime. No stuttering, no exceptions, no hesitations. Land of the free and home of the brave? Prove it.

Bisexual Melanie Pagan Merritt

Member of Gay Officers Action League


They should be welcomed first being reminded that here in NYC they are free to openly be their unique selves. NYC should then offer them whatever services are given to help refugees find housing and work and start the process of legally staying in NYC or going onto whatever country they would consider a safe haven. @New_Nichol

Trans Genn Herley

Executive Director TransNewYork


New York should host an informational event for them. So the refugees can hear all about the programs and services New York can offer them.

Queer / Questioning Query the Queer Fairy

Man on the Town

this/that/the other thing

NYC should welcome LGBTQ+ refugees with a largely televised welcoming, that has outrageous flash and pizazz, and with LGBTQ+ politicians and celebrities BUT most importantly: this welcoming event must include real resources to get them situated. Real resources don’t include just a back pack with food and blankets. They should be welcomed with substantial structures in place to offer them two critical needs: 1. full time employment and 2. two years of free living accommodations in the form of apartments and homes. There is enough money to pay a Major League Baseball player $300 million dollars for four years of playtime. So there is no excuse to not offer resources at a high level for these immigrants, who can then become integral members of our society that will also be able to pay forward these gifts.

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