Restore Fairness

By Alec Pruchnicki One of the possible reasons American politics is so polarized is that supporters of both sides never hear the opinions, arguments, and […]

LGBTQ+ Monthly Q&A

By Research Foundation to Cure AIDS President Kambiz Shekdar, Ph.D. Follow us on Instagram @OpinionatedQ, @westviewnews & @RFTcureaids OpinionatedQ: “Give Us a Tip; How Can […]

Joan’s Shanghai

By Joan Klyhn Joan’s Shanghai is a memoir of a childhood in Shanghai in the ‘30’s and ’40s of the 20th century. I am primarily […]


Abstracted from A Scientists View of Almost Everything By Mark M Green When you or any animal sleeps there’s no doubt of the increased danger […]


This month we continued to see an accelerating pace of openings, and only a few closings. According to some of the owners, lower rents allowed […]

Over There

By Keith Michael This is my tenth August article for WestView, and the first one written from out of the West Village. The end of […]