Dear neighbors,

Thank you for coming out and helping restore Charles Street to its natural beauty! Already, these flowers are putting a smile to all the faces when strolling down the street. 

To maintain our flowers throughout the summer, these tree-beds will need plenty of water. Please kindly remind your super or building manager to water them. We wouldn’t want to disappoint our newest Pee-wee planters, three year olds Oscar and Popi S, and five year olds Miwa and Popi B. who assisted with planting this year!

Congratulations to Daniel Circotti, and Buster Pratt H.S class 2021, and Leah Rosner, Zoe P, and Zoe A. from their respective colleges!

Welcome Back West Village is gearing up to bring some fun events that will be sure to get you out of your home office and enjoying the neighborhood! We have food, fun, and interactive events for the whole family and our neighbors.

MARK your calendar: Tuesday August 3rd on Charles St. Between Hudson St. and Bleecker St. starting at 6pm. Please join for National night out against crime. Food and drinks will be provided! Bring the kids and neighbors for some fun!

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