By Gordon Hughes

Well, it’s been just over a year since I left my co-op in the West Village and since writing my column for WestView News.

Boy, do I miss New York, especially the Theatre District where I worked. I miss the Village where I played. I miss George Capsis, who brought me into the WestView News family, and so many other people. 

It has been an emotional and complex time for me.

DATE NIGHT AT THE FARM: Gordon Hughes, above, at his home outside of the city, dressed up and having a cocktail by the fireplace. Photo by Barbara Hughes.

I miss sitting with George and Dusty, in his backyard, discussing all things Village. Friends have run hither and yon to escape COVID—it’s been difficult to keep up with so many of them. My pal Frank has moved into my co-op, so it is being well-taken care of. But there is nothing to replace Panino Mucho Gusto and that wacky morning crowd that I loved so much.

All the fiery political discussions. The conversations about the arts. What new show was coming to the Whitney, our local museum. The new super hip restaurant with some new trendy menu that included Brussels sprouts combined with candy sprinkles or something outrageous like that.

All this said, along with so many others I have developed a new lifestyle. No more coat and tie, but rather an array of sweat suits are now what’s in vogue at my home. That is, with the exception of Saturday Night. We have started a new tradition at our farm. Date night, yes date night every Saturday. Barb and I get dressed up. I don my coat and tie, we have a cocktail in front of the great room fireplace followed by a yummy dinner in front of a second roaring fire in our dining room. I really recommend this as something to look forward to, to break up our week, and remind us of what Saturday Nights used to be in the Village.

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