By Roberta Curley

Would you enjoy visiting an iconic Greenwich Village neighborhood? Would rummaging through a cache of treasures suit you? What about entering a thrift shop to scout out its latest donations? Would snaring a bargain lift your spirits? If such pursuits tickle your fancy, you’re a likely candidate for THRIFTING. The West Village boasts its own style of “goods recycling and selling” (circa 1990). It’s called Housing Works West Village Thrift Shop, at 245 West 10th Street—just east of Hudson Street (212-352-1618). It is open Monday-Saturday from 12:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

The shop is non-profit and upscale. Its mission is to end the dual crises of HIV/AIDS and homelessness by providing lifesaving services. These include legal aid support, job training, health care, advocacy and more. (There are ten Housing Works Thrift Shops, all located in Manhattan and Brooklyn.) Browsing in the West Village shop, you’ll encounter decor (lamps, pillows, furniture, paintings, etc.), shoes, lots of clothing (mostly seasonal), kitchen goods, books, accessories (jewelry, hats, belts, pocketbooks) and loads more stuff. I’ve gotten a vintage gray leather Burberry blazer for forty dollars, and a new navy Under Armour ColdGear sweatshirt for thirty-five dollars. Recently, I spotted a Ralph Lauren Pink Lady Classics cotton shirt for $15, originally $85. A pair of white Boss pants, originally $395, were marked down to $25. Thrifting depends on timing and luck. 

The West Village shop offers a mix of new, gently-used, and vintage items. The element of surprise fosters thrift shop magic. One person’s purged goods are another’s platinum. The 10th Street shop is organized as neat as a pin, and you will never be rushed out. Masks are required and sanitizer is available near the entrance. Even if you leave empty-handed, you’ll have taken a spin through “fantasyland.” Plus, you’ve ventured outside your home and into the hood. This local thrift shop runs without a hitch thanks to an amiable, remarkably knowledgeable staff. 

BTW—Housing Works has instituted an “eShop.” Fashionistas across the country are invited to gaze at merchandise updated daily—24/7. Shop online at

Warning: thrifting is addictive! And holidays are upon us. I follow the rule: “buy one gift for them, one gift for me.” By spring, my closets are bursting; so I bag up my excess treasures and donate them back to Housing Works!

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      Never knew a pair of pants could cost almost $400! When in doubt I google labels on my phone and I’ve been surprised many a time at the incredible markdowns thrift shops offer. Housing Works is one of my favorites, lots of designer merch and absolutely wonderful feeling knowing the money saves lives.

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