By Roger Paradiso & Anthony Paradiso

Dashawn Bush, 36, was murdered on Christopher St. in the West Village at around 4.20am on August 17th. His lifeless body lay out on the sidewalk in front of the Hudson Bagel shop on Christopher Street when police came upon the scene.

Bush was taken to the Lenox Health Complex but later died from his injuries, authorities shared.

“I’m still shocked,” said Shamel Bush, Dashawn’s brother. He told the Daily News on Saturday, “I’m still going in and out of crying. I can’t believe it, it’s just disbelief.”

THE LOCATION ON CHRISTOPHER STREET, just off of 7th Ave., where Dashawn Bush was murdered at approximately 4:20 am on August 17th. Photo by Bob Cooley.

Bush had recently been hired at Amazon.  

Some reports say he had been out with a woman and a friend at the time of the incident, authorities shared. 

The assailant, thought to be a friend of Bush’s according to his sister (New York Post), fled from the scene and is still being sought after by police. 

George Capsis, publisher of WestView News says: “I am in shock. This is normally a very peaceful neighborhood.”

The last murder recorded in the West Village was on New Year’s Eve, 2019 when Jonathan Berlin, 62, was fatally shot in the chest at 110 Bedford Street. Police say Berlin may have been murdered during a drug deal gone wrong.

The West Village Patch has reported several disturbing incidents in recent months. There was a stabbing of a 52-year-old victim recently at 222 West 14th Street. And there have been several burglaries reported by the Patch recently in the West Village.

Speaking to local shop owners who requested anonymity, we heard that they thought the Village was not as safe as it was before the Pandemic and lock down. Many shop owners are closing their doors early at six o’clock because there is a lot of fighting and drug usage by homeless people and drifters who roam the Village. Many have been seen defecating and urinating on the streets.

WestView News will continue monitoring this sudden crime surge in the West Village.

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