By Roberta Curley

How about those old bags?

Plastic shopping bags that are supposedly banished.

Supermarket baggers dole them out

like life-preservers on the Titanic.

New York City is drowning in plastic.

Has the law prohibiting perilous plastic shopping

bags been repealed?

Why not resuscitate more plastic bottles into reusable

carry bags?

Pandemic or not—plastic must be intercepted.

Dr. Anthony Fauci states coronavirus can live

up to three days on plastic surfaces.

Plastic bags wreak havoc from landfill to sea.

The bags clump together like battle-ready soldiers.

Beware marine biologists and all ocean pleasure seekers.

The bag proliferation maims sea creatures and entangles

fauna alike.

Neither piranha, angelfish, nor anyone’s child—

should have to wriggle free from reefs of plasticity.

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