Suzanne Poli Achievements

2019 / Stonewall 50 / World Pride Swann Galleries—four Pride photographs, one sold in The Pride Sale, the first-ever Pride auction at Swann Galleries one […]

Maggie B’s Quick Clicks

TINY STEPS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION was a real morale booster. After their disheartening lockdown in early April, discovering these favorite neighborhood casualties back up […]

The One I’m With

By Keith Michael   I’m still wearing a mask and Millie doesn’t seem to care. Contrary to true corgi watchfulness, as attentive as Millie is […]

The Virus

By Alec Pruchnicki First, the virus came for the Chinese, but I did nothing because I wasn’t Chinese. Then it came for the New Yorkers, […]

Then vs. Now

By Bruce Anderson, MSW In 1986, I changed my life. Didn’t need to, wasn’t desperate, had nothing to run away from. My life in Denver […]

West Village Exile

By Spencer Wolff On July 27, 2009 a group of some sixty refugees, armed with rocks and makeshift weapons, assaulted the UN refugee bureau (UNHCR) […]

Pride in Quarantine

By Robert Galinsky   Pride in Quarantine proud enough to discount proud enough to reduce proud enough to deliver fully assembled on the same day […]