KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON? Only three months ago, on February 1st, I had taken the shot below and suggested to George running it with the slug “There’ll Always Be An England.” But he decided he’d like me to write up their story, and founder Pete Myers was in the UK at the time, so I never got to do it.

Just got as far as taking the pix, on February 4th­—with Pete’s daughter Jennifer, currently running the business, at right.

And Marmite (only the English!—I lived on it as a kid), pickled onions, and Heinz Baked Beans, another staple,

and, left to right, bangers (sausages), shepherds pie, Cornish pasties, sausage rolls.

And then, going back for my usual goodies on the 25th, to my horror I found…

The good news: since then have managed to reach Jennifer who, while applying for a Payroll Protection loan, is planning a limited opening come May 15th—currently the city’s projected re-opening date. And in the meantime, ordering is possible via email to RULE BRITANNIA!

All photos by Maggie Berkvist.

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