The Chinese have a famous saying “Welcome Crises.”

After spending five days distributing our “collectible” (my idea) April issue focused on COVID, it occurred to me that this is a critical moment for all of us both collectively and individually…

I’ve said from the beginning (2016) “Trump is Democracy’s Greatest Gift.”

Little did I know we would have a completely new war on our hands towards the end of his first term.

Well now we have two major obstacles to our lives: a potential dictatorship and a potential sacrifice of much of the human race if we don’t do the right things.

So the Chinese phrase ironically applies here: How do we turn around our lives… because we Americans (not to exclude others) are the ones who have caused climate change, inequality, racism, poor political choices, poverty, homophobia, and all the dangers to the human race and the planet we can think of.

“We’ve got the whole world in our hands” as the song metaphorically goes. It is up to us in our isolated caves of our own minds and four walls to create our way into a new world and we CAN do it!

The Buddhism I practice has three principles:

  • Life from birth to death is all about overcoming obstacles
  • There are 10 states of being and life conditions from Hell to Buddhahood and you’re in all 10 states at all moments
  • Life is all cause and effect

You better believe it.

Here is our opportunity to truly create a greater world…

Welcome Crises !!! Our gift from China.

—Bruce Poli

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