April’s dark headlines left me bewildered.

The Village Is Closed

This was imaginatively shocking.

Underneath it roared another war title: COVID-19 — The Battle in our Backyard.

There isn’t much sweetness in the news now.

Yet in April’s issue, alongside articles listing the closure of nearly every cozy restaurant and trendy store which define the West Village—there IS light shining. A welcome Village Resource Guide by Hannah Reimann, lists essentials: laundromats, hardware stores, drugstores, etc. Plus it details Social Service offices with neatly compiled access info. On the following page is a snappy, highly informative article on the Union Square Greenmarket. I learned Lifethyme is still open as well. A mind-expanding science lesson under Expert Advice on Coronavirus from Northwell Health was clearly diagrammed and helpful in my daily virus-fight.

An intriguing article on art collecting by Roger Paradiso reminded me that although life may be darkened at this juncture, it is not blotted out. I am looking forward to the May issue, to hopefully learn and heal more.

—Roberta Curley

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