Open Letter to Representative Carolyn Maloney

Dear Representative Maloney,

I sat in the front row, just to the left of center facing you, when you spoke at a recent meeting of the Village Independent Democrats in order to secure the group’s endorsement of your campaign for re-election.

Afterwards you took my hand warmly and said you liked my long necklace of children’s tiny wooden toy animals from India. But I had asked you a question about how you saw Israel-Palestine. I forget my exact words but I referred to the vicious treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

You had answered that you favored a two-state solution, which is really not answering the question; besides, the Palestinians have hardly any land left for a state. I favor one state with equality for all, and I know many others agree with me. But first, Israel has to stop wantonly murdering Palestinians, including small children, and grabbing their land for settlements limited to Jews only. You said nothing about that.

You then abruptly segued into a speech about antisemitism, which is a serious problem but has NOTHING to do with what I asked about. Criticism of Israel has NOTHING to do with antisemitism, although ever so many politicians have made evil and sneaky insinuations that it does.

I want you to come clean on this, Carolyn Maloney. You have done many good things, but you can’t cover up the criminal actions of Israel, or the complicity of our country with them. The US pours billions of dollars into the Israeli war machine, so that it can fight—whom? The helpless Palestinian people who have every right to live on their own land. This is their homeland, Representative Maloney. As long as you do not oppose this, you are complicit. You have washed your hands in innocent blood.

— Carol F. Yost

212 West 16th Street, Apt. 1-E

New York, N Y 10011-6194

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