5G Comes to New York City Despite Poor Understanding of Health and Environmental Impacts

By Beverly Rubik

The telecom industry wants to deploy 5G antennas (small cell antennas and power supplies) in our neighborhoods and near our schools and places of work. Over the summer of 2019, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint officially began rolling out this untested technology in New York City without the informed consent of residents. There have been no widely publicized public hearings or media coverage informing us about how the telecom industry has shaped and controlled policies that protect their agenda while concealing the controversies that exist. Notably, the public has not been informed about the existence of thousands of studies warning of serious health risks to humans and all living things. Instead, these telecoms and other proponents of 5G from the media and Wall Street are applauding the coming “Internet of Things,” smart homes, smart cities, and the plethora of commonplace items ranging from home appliances to wearable technology to baby diapers that will be connected by sensors to 5G. 

Here are five preliminary issues to consider: 

1. The federal government has only provided guidelines for exposure to wireless radiation. There are no safety standards for exposure in the USA. Both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have had disclaimer statements on their websites that read “there is no proof that cell phone radiation is completely safe.” 

2. 4G and 5G use microwave radiation, but 5G is also comprised of millimeter waves, which are used by the military for radar and the Active Denial weapon system. The military’s guidelines for safety address only thermal effects. However, tens of thousands of studies show that non-thermal effects also occur. Many of the studies on non-thermal effects were conducted outside of the USA, but there have been studies on non-thermal effects done by the US military. Consider the declassified reports available online by Dr. Zorach Glaser, from 1971, commissioned by the US Naval Medical Research Institute, which summarized over 3,700 papers on the biological effects of these waves. Unfortunately, the FCC guidelines do not take into account any of the non-thermal effects. Thousands of subsequent studies have been conducted since 1971, and over 252 scientists from 43 countries authored the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which was submitted to the United Nations. 

3. Other countries—Europe and Russia—have much lower limits for safe exposure to these waves than the US because they have accepted that 4G and 5G cause non-thermal effects that pose health hazards. Russia has standards for safe exposure 100 times lower than our FCC guidelines, and Switzerland’s safety standard is 1,000 times lower. We already have more health issues than other countries do from our higher chronic exposure to 3G and 4G. 

4. It is important to know about common symptoms caused by exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). They include fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, nausea, skin irritations, nerve sensitivity, and more. EMF exposure has also been linked to a rise in certain cancers called gliomas, and a rise in infertility. 

5. There is a much safer technology based on fiber-optic networks that delivers even faster speeds without the intrusion of harmful radio frequencies. It’s up to the public to demand it. 

This amounts to what many researchers characterize as a grand experiment that will lead to harmful effects that are currently immeasurable. This should energize everyone in this age of ubiquitous technological gadgetry to become informed and active in obtaining facts and accountability from the industries and government agencies that have a duty to protect the public. It’s a health and environmental imperative.

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., Biophysicist 

Institute for Frontier Science

Dr. Beverly Rubik is a leading scientist internationally renowned for her pioneering research on whole-person health and healing.

With two books and over 100 academic papers published, Dr. Rubik has been a board member at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), received the Weston A. Price award for Integrity in Science, appeared on numerous television programs worldwide, and presented as a guest speaker at both the 5G Crisis Summit and The Body Electric Summit.

For local education and action planning, join NYC activists on Dec. 14th, 1pm, at Revelation Gallery, 224 Waverly Place in the West Village. Contact  for more.

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3 thoughts on “5G Comes to New York City Despite Poor Understanding of Health and Environmental Impacts

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      I attended Dr. Rubik’s presentation at Union Theological Seminary on Nov. 18th. Her research showing in-depth scientific analysis on the health hazards of wireless technology and increased ramifications with 5G millimeter waves was extremely informative as well as alarming. I’m very happy to see this article in Westview News which is timely, given that Verizon and T-Mobile are saturating the airwaves and even bus stops in Manhattan with their misleading advertising. Verizon is saying “We do 5G right”. However, until 5G is tested and proven safe for humans and the environment, which it hasn’t, Verizon can’t do 5G right. This should be a major heads up to all New Yorkers.

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      I attended the presentation of Dr. Rubik and it was very compelling. While 5G wireless technology has not been adequately tested, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the Bational Institute of Health has shown a very troubling increase in cancers after exposure to even the current 4G and less level. It is not sufficirnt to say “this only proves mice should not use cellphones” as the telecommunications industry apologists claim. The most credible source of unbiased information on Electromagnetic Field radiation is Microwave News, Their article on the NTP findings and its controversial findings are at

      There are many other articles relevant to the troubling reports and their attempted coverup. Unfortunately these are not the first reports on the adverse effects of wireless technology. When Cell phones were first introduced in the United States, The Center for Disease Control reported that in all the cities in which it was introducesd, The reported DEATH RATE went up for 4 to 6 weeks after introduction and then returned to level off, Sadly the highly Electrically Sensitive died off and the rest of us were lulled into acceptance of the benefits as worth the risk. It is very likely that Electrical Sensitivity follows a normal distribution pattern. The increase in Brain Cancers and other neurological disturbances are beginning to rise, at what point will we say the costs are too great.

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      Thank you so much to WestView News for not neglecting what might be one of the most important topics of our time. Technology should not be allowed to run full steam ahead when there are so many independent studies indicating harm. This next generation is going to completely take over our landscape and exposure levels. Ms. Rubik is a wonderful and clear voice on this issue. In fact we were supposed to get fiberoptic to every home and office, but the telecoms did a bait and switch and kept the money to build out their wireless for-profit model. Hopefully we can see a piece on this as well, a huge accounting scandal that has been outlined in the Irregulators vs. FCC lawsuit. A long swindle that affects the very fabric of our lives and our health, and trying to steal public assets and put it in private hands no less. And Ms. Rubik’s point that there have been no well publicized public forums here in New York on these transitions in technology, in our government or in the media is also quite glaring. So thank you again for stepping into that vacuum WestView News.

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